Slap Fag

Slapping My Faggot
By Master Mikey

Your face was made for slapping

There is nothing quite like a good old fashioned slap across the face to remind you of your humanity. Its a feeling that can take away your dignity and take you back to your childhood in one go. A slap is perfect for reminding fags what they are and their true place in the hierarchy of life. 

All the fags that I interact with know their place in the pecking order, but even still there are times when I need to correct them with a good hard slap across the face , ass or cock and balls. With my females subs I often slap their tits red raw to remind them whose daddy. They all love me for it and so will you. 

Always remember that I will slap you as hard as it takes to get your mind focused and working how I need it to be. I do not care about being politically correct, because your a FAG !!! and have no rights whatsoever. 

You should be clear that when I slap a fag across the face, its always done with equal parts force, resentment and love. Its a fact that your kind enjoy being punished. Sometimes I get hungry or sexual and then I need to give you a hard facial slapping just to get you prepped for a good hard fucking or some other depraved sexual act that I might have in mind for you.

Mind fucking you while I slap the shit out of you

My fags have to guess whether I have slapped out of genuine hatred or play. I always  keep them guessing, because the power trip of never knowing when your going to be attacked and for what reason creates the most intense orgasms for these poor faggot fuck faces. 

If I can get your mind tricked into thinking your going to get to cum and release all that cum, but then I edge you and ruin your orgasm, never letting you go over the edge and actually cum, that always makes me smile....hahaha.... and I know how cruel that is, but I love it.

My final delight about slapping is "Slap Jerking" .  Slap jerking is when I get you to stroke yourself hard for me, on cam or in person, and when your fully hard and performing for me like a good little slut.. then I slap your cock and balls so hard that you scream with delight and anguish in equal measure. Sometimes I even feel your balls compress as I slap the fuck out of them... each slap making them harder to slap as they retreat so fast up inside your body to hide from my strikes... hahaha  I then gently tease those balls back out, until they are full out and ready, then I grasp one ball in my palm and slap with the other hand until you squeel. Mmmmm

You faggots love it when I slap and torture your cock and balls and you will always beg me to do it more... and I will. 

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