Slave Breeding Fantasy

Slave Breeding Fantasy
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Slave Breeding

Slave breeding was a brutal part of the slave economy and one that so many slavers used to grow and maintain their "crop" of slaves. Sex slavery or group slave breeding was common for the purpose of a Master enjoying his slaves and having anytime anywhere access to them and their owned flesh. Sex slavery was used to “breed” the next generation of slave workers and sex slaves who would please the Master anytime he wanted. There was an enjoyment of the slaves, along with a never-ending supply of labourers. There was also the financial benefit of selling any excess slaves at market. Its no surprise then that slave breeding as a fetish and fantasy has grown so much over the years albeit amongst a subset of the most depraved fetishists. I have come across so many fags over the last 4 years that love the slave breeding fantasy and desire it with the combination of a forced rape fantasy. Some would argue that sexual slavery and rape are one and the same thing, but fag fetishists sometimes differentiate on this topic for their own pleasure.


If you are easily offended leave right now, because the following is a textual description of sexual slave breeding and rape fantasies between consenting adults within a fetish community where all the consensual and mutual limits are understood and agreed. Sometimes these are nonverbal agreements of consent, but agreements they are nonetheless. So if you’re feeling judgemental or triggered, then I suggest you take your evil casting judgemental mind elsewhere. There are plenty of places on the internet for you to unravel and let loose all your own issues.

This is the home of the free and the brave, and for those fags and Alphas and others that choose to stay and read on, welcome and enjoy. 

Brutal Slave Breeding Of Fags

The number of fags that I have met over the years that want the most brutal gang fucks and slave training would require a lot of fingers on a lot of hands to count. It’s a surprisingly common fantasy amongst the most depraved and lusty of fags, even if it is the most extreme and sexual fantasy out there. Slave breeding is not for the soft of heart of those that are not ready to commit themselves fully to the Masters control. I have heard of several Masters that were given full control by their slaves until the brutal slave breeding started and then they realised that actually the fantasy in their head was quite unlike the reality of multiple men trying to fill all of your holes at the same time for their own pleasure. It takes a special type of submitted and committed slave faggot to relinquish control and safety to its Master to manage.  

The Fag Rape Fantasy

I can recount one specific incident where I watched a fag fully submit itself by signing a disclaimer and paperwork to allow the Master to put the slave to work inside a room of Alpha Men where it was to service the Men and allow the Men to “rape” it. The slave was so excited and committed and it signed all its paperwork for the Master as fast as it could because it had watched some soft bullshit Pornhub videos with the fantasy and had read a few blog posts where Masters and Slaves “gently” discuss the consenting nature of BDSM Master and Slave relationships, all of which gave this dumb fag a warm fuzzy erotic feeling and a desire to follow through on this feeling.  Once the consent was agreed and safe words assigned the fag was marched into the breeding room to be managed by all these hungry raw Alphas, who saw nothing but a dirty fag in front of them, and they set about this dirty little fag like a pack of wolves. It was only 25 minutes into the gangrape breeding fantasy that the true pain and the horror of large Men angrily penetrating a worthless slave fag came to the surface. Eventually its Master grabbed its collar and dragged it out of the room to safety. All credit to this faggot, as it kept wanting more and more and more until there was no more it could take. Thick cock stuffed into its throat, one cock in its asshole and another trying to force itself in at the same time, this poor faggot was pulled end to end... and left breathless and gasping.

The fag slave had not realised until this point, the hunger and lust of real Alpha men and the total disregard for the fag’s welfare. The fag was expected to fill the lusty needs of the Masters in that room, and nobody but its Masters cared for its flesh. It was the faggots Master that pulled it out when it realised that this piece of fag flesh would be torn to pieces if not pulled out immediately. The Master cared only that its property was being damaged. The care shown by the Master dragging its fag slave out to safety was because the fag was property.

Fag Rape Consent

A fag is by its very nature a simple and luckless creature that seeks the simplest pleasures in life, mostly sexual and simple gratifications. It is for this reason that you must always get the fags agreed written consent for any gangrape, slave breeding or violent sexual assault fantasy. Most fags will find there way to you as they do to me when they are in the most lust filled states, which is amazing to work with, as they are pliable and sexual little deviants. However, in that state they are also weak and fragile, with little to no capacity for proper thinking or decision making. Hence as a Master that wants to continue to rape and relish its fags, you must take care of your property and ensure that the faggot has the best chance of understanding over the space of several months exactly what it is signing up for. Rape in all its horror is also one of the most common fantasy role plays desired by fag’s , sissy’s and women. The total takeover of a sub fag sissy, by a usually unknown aggressive entity is so over powering and sexual that I have had fags over the years and female subs ask for the most extreme of things.

Consent decided and filed away, remember that you are the Master and decide the fate of the slave fag, and how far it will go in its training or in its service in a gangrape situation. Care for your property as other Alphas will rarely if ever care for your property. Just as guests may at times overstay their welcome, so will Alphas when a bound and gagged faggot is available for fucking, so know the limits of your faggot and pull it out of the thick of the action if you think it will be damaged. By all means, as a Master and a host of a gangrape, have other fags tied up and ready to be served to your guests, but do not overuse the flesh of any one of them, as a fag destroyed is never quite the same again.

Fag Captured By Master Slaver

One of my fags has an extreme fantasy of being a runaway slave and being branded, and several years ago we were able to make some of his fantasies come true. I arranged for him to be followed to work, and an Alpha alongside me waited in a van until he finished late evening. As he headed towards his car after work, we pounced on him and threw him into the back of a rented van. We proceeded to grunt and hiss as the van sped off. He had no idea what was happening and cried to start with, then seeing the shape of my body and hands around his neck he realised what was happening and calmed a little. Balaclavas on , he could not see our faces, but I grabbed his neck and choked him out as we taped his mouth and eyes shut, ensuring this faggot could breathe through his nose. Then I punched another little breath hole into the tape over his mouth and before he could say anything I spat into his mouth, screaming at him, and then shoved my gloved hands into his mouth, pushing them down his throat. The fag gagged and whimpered as I face fucked him with my fingers. He was warned that if he bit down on the fingers, he would be beaten to a pulp, some of which I did anyway. The van pulled into a storage depot I had hired and I offloaded him into a large storage trolley past the guards at the depot. We opened the storage unit which I was renting and had converted into a mobile slave dungeon. Once the shutters were closed behind us, we tied him to an upright rack. The fag’s eyes were still closed and it was silent, which was definitely not what we wanted, so I punched the fag in the jaw a few times to get it softened up for some fun. Legs pulled apart the other Alpha was the first to pull the slave’s ass hole into a stretched gape before shoving his large cock into the fag. The fag yelped as it was raped upright. Into its face, I stood spitting and screaming,

“You are a dirty fucking runaway slave cunt, and you will never run away again, do you understand that!”

The fag agreed that it would never run away again, none of which I believed to be true as this fag was known to speak with other Alpha Masters, and it was a treacherous little fag cunt. I stood in front of the faggot slapping his face and neck while the other Alpha rammed the fags asshole brutally. The other Alpha was an uncaring brute, and I had selected him for this trait, specifically for this job. I attached metal DIY woodwork clamps to the faggots nipples and they clamped so hard that the fags nipples turned bright red immediately. The fag screamed in pain, and yanked to pull away from the restraints. It could no longer escape, it was being pounded mercilessly from behind, and slapped and punched from the front, its fate was sealed. Amongst all the frenzied fucking my phone rang, and the fags expression changed as though to ask what next... and I smiled as I answered and then pulled the storage unit shutter aside to let in 3 more Alpha Masters. 

As soon as the Alphas walked in to the unit and pulled the shutter down behind them, they began ravaging the fag like lions on a wilder beast. The fag now had cocks being thrust at him from all directions and the Alpha that had been fucking it was pushed aside for the 3 new Alphas to have a go. Each of them fucked the fag ruthlessly, but lucky for the faggot none of them lasted more then 15 minutes of frantic asshole pumping, leaving the faggot breathless and almost unconscious. Each Alpha having had its fill and emptied its load into the fags asshole then left the storage unit. No words were exchanged, these Men had come to take what they wanted and once they had,  they left. At this point the fags ordeal had been ongoing for approaching 2 hours. With just me and the first Alpha left alone with the fag, I knew that I had to take this up to its grand finale. 

I then told the faggot that having been bred, it was now to be branded with an iron poker brand, which seemed to brighten up the exhausted fag. It even managed to smile and whimper “yes master, yes master” but I knew that tone would change as soon as the brand was brought out. I had stood a propane burner on the side of the storage unit, powered by a gas bottle, which I lit and then warmed an iron brand on. The brand stamp was made of iron, and had the words FagLife written on it. I knew I had only a moment to heat the brand on the propane burner, before I risked setting off the smoke alarm, so I pulled the other Alpha off the fag as he was still not finished fucking it, and yanked the faggots work jeans down. I then wiped the area around its hip with a tattoo wash prep wipe and with the FagLife brand now glowing red, I pushed it into the fags hip buttock area, causing an immediate burn and the smell of seared flesh, pig meat. I took it away right away as the fag screamed out, to reveal the stamped words across its burnt flesh. I then slapped a clear tattoo cover over the brand and released the whimpering fag from its restraints to pull its clothes on. However, the other Alpha was still standing erect, so as the fag was bending to pull its clothes on, he pushed the fag down into a kneeling position and pushed his massive erect cock into the whimpering faggot’s mouth. It took the Alpha 23 deep thrusts into the fag’s mouth fuck hole to finish with a big cumshot into its mouth and across its face. We then wrapped the fag up again, threw it into the storage trolley and wheeled it back out to my rented van. That night we drove the fag near to its home, and dropped it partially clothed onto the sidewalk. As we drove off into the distance, we could see a homeowner come rushing out to help the faggot as it lay there.

It was a full 24 hours later that I got a message from the fag thanking me for the best time of its life.

This fag had accepted the true fate of enslaved fags, and how the Master ultimately decides the fate of the slave fag. This fag also knew from that day forth that a runaway slave is marked uniquely, forevermore.

I will be posting more on this topic as so many of my subs sissy fags and betas have entertained this fantasy with me, and I have enslaved and enchanted so many of them. Most of them cry, albeit with a warm glow in their faggot hearts. Each fag suffers the pains of the flesh to its own capability, but each fag truly suffers as a slave. To learn about slaves check out my other slave posts, and to see what a Slave contract looks like, click here.

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