Slave Training Your Fags In 10 Steps

Slave Training
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Are you an Alpha Master or Domme?

Do you have fags that misbehave or simply not act the way you want?

Do you have them serve you on a daily weekly monthly basis?

YOU should consider putting them through a formal documented slave training process?

This post is written primarily for Alpha Masters that have slaves or are considering having slaves. Its my experience of owning slaves and using slaves for my benefit.

You could consider this a Slave Owners manual. 

Before we continue, standard disclaimer / trigger warning, which you can read here.

Slave owners

As a slave owner you have a few choices, firstly you can work the slave to the bone as they are and rely on them to navigate their way through a hugely complex relationship arena. Alternatively, you can create a proper slave training programme for them which will help to make them the best slave for you. They will be trained and guided into the life of slavery, and therefore perfectly tuned to your needs which are ultimately most important.

I know many Alpha Masters and each keeps his slaves differently, so how you decide to manage your fag slaves is your choice, but you should definitely consider training them with a formal documented plan. A well-trained slave is the most beautiful thing an Alpha Master can have. It’s like an obedient Rottweiler, kept well trained and given a purpose its man’s best friend, but left untrained and free it’s a danger to itself and its Master.

Training a fag slave is a wonderful process for the slave also, as it allows the slave to know what its purpose is and how it should behave at all times. There is no ambiguity about what it should be doing, it’s clear for the slave, at all times.

I Master Mikey, have chosen to formally train 7 slaves in the last 4 years and each has benefitted immensely from the new life I have given them. Below is an example of my slave training programme for one of my slaves. Each of my slave training programs varies according to the specific peculiarities of each slave, so the below is a guide that you can use to formulate your own slave training program.

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Slave Training 10 Step Program

Step 1 - Mantra Recital for Fag Slaves

The slave mind is fragile but it is hungry to serve, so help your fag slave to fall gently into the grace of full slavery by having the slave recite a special mantra each morning, noon and night. Start with these 3 recitation sessions morning noon and night every day and at each recitation the slave must repeat the mantra 10 times to complete the full cycle. The following is the mantra to be followed by the slave,


Master Mikey is my Master, Lord, Saviour and Owner

Master Mikey is the person to whom I devote my life

Master Mikey manages me with aggression – love - brutality and pain for my benefit

Master Mikey must be exalted and praised and I must tribute daily

Master Mikey knows what is best for me and my life

Master Mikey is the reason I exist


It will take the faggot slave approx. 5 days to commit this mantra to its low IQ brain, but once it’s in there, the faggot slave can draw on this mantra anytime it needs direction in its life. This mantra will be a spoken word guide for the rest of its life.

Step 2 - Supple Body Supple Mind

The slave must learn to prostrate itself before you, the Master. I have all my slaves lie down before me in reverence and respect each day, and especially when I enter the room. The slave must also learn to fully bend over as it bows to you, it must bend much further than its dignity previously allowed it. Dignity is a shallow emotion which must be removed quickly when slave training, especially as the slave will be spending the rest of its life bowing to you, so it should begin asap. The slave should never be allowed to look you straight in the face, even if the slave is taller than the Master, it must never make eye contact with the Master. In nature the Gorilla that eyes the Alpha in the pack is quickly beaten to a pulp...its the law of the jungle and it applies completely to the fag slave as well.

Step 3 – Household Chores For Fag Slaves

Keeping a clean and tidy home / palace is important for a clean life. This is of great importance to the slave in its training. I have found that many times a person entering into slavedom has come from an unordered life and household chores are the very basic starting point to get the slave into a focused mindset where its focus shifts from its needs to yours. You must set the tasks, and the slave faggot must complete them, one by one. The other important reason that the household must be clean is that one room must be kept aside where the slave will be allowed to get dirty and mucky, and mostly because this will be the designated area where you fuck and defoul the slave. I suggest allocating a dirty room for this process so that its clear for the slave what is expected when it’s entering this dirty room. This dirty room must be in complete contrast to the rest of the home / palace.

Lastly always set a task list that is longer than the slave can possibly achieve in its allocated cleaning time slot. This is critical and will leave the fag slave always feeling inadequate and insufficient for the tasks set for it. This burden once created in the mind of the slave will reap you rewards across the slaves other roles.

Step 4 – Slave Sex Training

The slave will of course serve a sexual role, certainly mine have, and for most Alpha Masters a sexual role will be a strong part of the slave master relationship. You should begin teaching the slave about your sexual needs as early in the relationship as possible. At the start, the slave will find pleasure in the sexual elements of the relationship because it comes from a life where its needs are met and it will get sexually aroused when it’s servicing you. As time passes and it learns that you are the focus of all pleasure and that only your orgasm has any significance and that once you are pleasured to climax it must remove itself because its pleasure is unimportant, it will realise the daunting task of its life ahead. Over time, chastity will be the only option for the slave, both as a means to cage its human desires and as a way to kill those desires over time by diminishing the size of the slave’s cock and crushing its balls through tighter and tighter ball holsters. Within 10 months the testosterone production will have decreased to make it lose most of its sexual urges. It can then fully concentrate its mind and efforts on pleasing you without the burden of previous life urges.

As part of the sex training, you must ensure that the slave does daily muscular stretching exercises to stretch both the jaw muscles and the anal sphincter muscle, which will over time again increase the pleasure you obtain as Master from this slave. The slave’s hole must be ready, willing and capable of taking all the abuse you can throw at it.


Step 5 – Slave Labour

A slave must be worked hard, this is a fact of life for slaves through all history and now is no exception. Your slave in training must learn that it has to earn its position in your slave camp by working and earning for you. It must get a job, preferably as an office worker or labourer, anything that requires little thinking but lots of time spent under instruction. The job must allow overtime, or extra weekend work, because you want the slave to work hard to earn you as much money as possible. The slave is a cash machine, and must earn to live in your good graces.

Set up payment days and targets that the slave must meet. It is important that you are fair with your slave, set them targets that are just out of reach to keep them striving to reach higher and higher. Above all else, get the slave trained on handing over hard earned cash without being resentful that you are stripping them. To keep the slave moving forward onto larger sums of cash, use findom wheels and drain games.

The slave must not only work hard for the money, but must also work hard to give the money to you. The previous life attachments that a slave is likely to have will in time be broken down, and eventually the slave will earn and expect to see a zero sum in its account at the start of the month because its already handed over all its cash. The slave will consider itself simply a conduit for the cash to move from its employer directly to you, the Master.

Step 6 – Dissolution Of Ties

Slaves must have all familial connections severed; those are all hindrances of a previous life. Slaves have no family and no friends. A slave’s only connection is to its Master, with whom it shares everything and from whom it receives sustenance and approval. The slave will typically have no life outside of its service to you as Master. A disconnected slave makes for an obedient slave. Take away all responsibilities and the slave can focus all its energy on you and being the best slave it can be. In short, anything that takes attention away from you is an unnecessary distraction and must be removed.  The longer you leave these connections in place, the more the slave holds onto those previous life attachments. In these circumstances, you must be cruel to be kind and break those bonds early.

Step 7 – Creativity and Spontaneity

For any slave that is going to entertain and serve you on a daily basis, they must be creative. A slave that is completely dumb and mute will be a tiresome creature to have around the home. Train the slave to think outside the box. Give the slave choices and force it to make choices so that it learns in some basic way to be a creative and spontaneous slave. Teaching these skills early will pay dividends for you later. Creativity in the sexual arena is especially important if you are to be continually pleased and enjoy the slave. Have a tutor teach the slave the Karma Sutra and other manuals of sexual love and play, so that it can please you in ever exciting ways. These skills will also be very important for dinner parties where you might choose to bring the slave out on display to your guests and have them enjoy its party tricks. You may also want to rent your slave out to other Masters in which case you may charge a greater fee for an accomplished and trained sexual lover. Combining the academic learning of sexual manuals with lots of creative thinking and play will result in a creative and spontaneous slave willing to take you to new orgasmic heights every day.

Step 8 - Milking

Prostate milking is one of the ancient secrets of everlasting health and vitality. This is not a sexual act; this is a mandatory inner cleansing to achieve the absolute balance of mind and body that a Master needs. Teach the slave to serve your needs and milk you daily at an allotted time. This fixed time principle will give the slave the certainty of purpose its needs as well as ensuring that whatever else arises in your day, you never miss your treatment. Milking will be the most intimate and vulnerable that a slave will get with you, so do not begin this process until you are satisfied that the slave is already well embedded and can be trusted to be inside you. Normally this process does not start for at least 2 years, but it will depend on how comfortable you are with your slave’s capability and level of obedience.

Step 9 – Grooming

As a Master your appearance is critical. You spend all that time in the gym refining your body and training your mind, so your grooming must also be of the finest quality. Your slave will be tasked with managing your daily grooming routine. Cutting hair, shaving, clipping toenails and generally pampering you will all be tasks that sit on your slave’s task list. You must be realistic when training your slave, it will have none of these skills to start with, so you may have to utilise professionals to train the slave in the various arts that will be needed for your regime of grooming. Allow the slave time to develop and grow into the best manservant that ever existed. There will be an investment in the appropriate tools, shavers, razors, trimmers, etc but your investment will pay off, as eventually you will be able to utilise the trained slave’s skills as chargeable services to other Masters. You must make the slave realise over time that it is part of making you the best Master on the scene, so its important that the slave focus on its task. Your appearance should be of the utmost importance to the slave. You are its God, its Leader, Its Superior, Its Alpha…. Its everything.

Step 10 – Objectification

The final and most important part of slave training is what I call objectification training. In this final stage of the slave training, you are literally training the slave to understand that it’s an object, and when it’s not performing duties or tasks, it must simply vanish into the background. You are the most important person in the slave’s life, and when you do not need the slave, it must be silent, totally still. A Master should not even know of the slave’s presence until its needed for service. I like to feel that I am totally alone until I need that slave to perform for me. I also prefer that while I enjoy the post climatic bliss, I am alone, so again the slave must literally vanish. If the slave is trained to understand that its an object and that its presence is only there to serve me, then it can also be taught discretion and how to be invisible and silent like a super quiet vacuum, that makes no noise as it glides across the wooden floors. The best slaves will operate like modern day ninjas jumping in and out of the shadows.

As you can see, I have made these 10 steps of slave training easy to implement by high IQ Masters and easy to understand by low IQ slaves. If you utilise these steps or some variation of them, you too will see how well a trained slave performs for you and how much happier it is serving you.

I always find that having a Master Slave contract in place is the perfect way to get the right behaviour from your Slaves, so you can take a look at one of my example full Master Slave contracts here. However, if you have a simpler dumber fag to deal with, then you can use the Short Master Slave Fag Contract. I also have experience training Sissy fags, and I will blog on that in the future, but if you want to read about my first Sissy experience at University, check out The Sissy That Loved Me

If you are yet to embark on this process, you should consider starting your faggot slave journey by learning the importance of spanking here

If you find this training useful, enjoy and share it, and if your a slave or a fag that likes what you read, feel free to do what slaves do.....

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