Socks Fetish

Socks Fetish Faggots
By Master Mikey

Socks Fetish Faggots

I know your kind... socks loving fags. Its a dark fetish you have, and you cannot help having it. Smelling, sniffing and tasting the socks of a Master like me, it just drives you wild. I have known dirty little socks faggots like you for years, and I love treating you fags to my socks when your behaving well for me. If your really lucky I might even get you a fully marinated pair of socks. 

Let me start by telling you what a "fully marinated pair" is. This kind of sock is one that I will wear all day every day, to and from work, sometimes even to a bar in the evening, and if your lucky, then to the gym as well. I then go home at the end of the night and take that pair off and keep them in a warm place ready for the next day. I will use that pair of socks all week until they absolutely wreak of my flesh muscle and sweat. That is what I call full marinated and ready for a dirty little faggot like you. 

I can imagine how you leak from your little boy pussies while you wait for my socks to arrive in the post. Your tiny fag cocks twitching in anticipation of being able to sniff and lick my socks. 

Masters taste for expensive socks

I spend a lot of time in the office, meetings and going to high-end bars in the city, so I love expensive Calvin Klein and Gucci socks.. soft and smooth. These socks are perfect for smelling, licking... pushing deep into your fag throat. The smooth surface just slides down your dirty throat without any effort. I get so much power from abusing you with my expensive socks, just knowing that my one pair of socks is a days wages for you.... hahaha.

When I wear my best socks, I feel so powerful. I love stamping my feet and ordering people around, my socks just fill with the musk of my masterly feet. Only the most obedient sock fags will ever get to smell and taste these perfect socks, and maybe even the feet inside.

For now all you can do is imagine me pressing down on your face, rubbing my sock foot across your chest, stamping down on your cock and balls. Soft cotton superior socks.

Keep dreaming little sock lover.

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