Spit Fetish Fag

Spit Fag Fetish
By Master Mikey

So you have a Spit Fetish?

Its right that you should fantasize about The Masters saliva because it contains spiritual power. Your a filthy little fag and you dream all day long about getting covered in spit.

Imagine it now, me.. The Master leaning over you and spitting all over your face, in your mouth, up your nostrils and in your hair, its beautiful but vile. When I spit in your mouth and on your face, it rejuvenates you.

Each time I honk back all the saliva in my throat your heart skips a beat. You wish you could jerk off your cock while I spit on you. You just want to be told to grasp your maggot sized cock and touch it, stroke it while your showered by my saliva rain over your face. Well those kinds of favours are not easy to come by in my presence fuck face, so work harder if you want jerk off privileges.

Your sitting reading this with your mouth wide open, eager, hungry to take my spit. Desperate to drink my liquids, directly down your fag throat. What would you do to have me spit on you, for hours upon hours. Beg me all day long if you want me to spray your face with spit. 

Your rock hard sitting there reading this, I know you are. the thought of my saliva all over your face and maybe even your cock or pussy is driving your imagination wild.  Never forget that you are a low down dumb fag, who deserves to be at the butt end of life. Never ever forget that. 

You get what your given by a Master like me. You enjoy and love anything that I give you. You pay me because of the spit tribute I deliver to your face, eyes, chest and mouth. You are a lowly beast, so sit and take everything I give you.

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