Spit In A Faggots Mouth

Spit In A Faggots Mouth
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Spit In A Faggots Mouth For Fun

Who doesn’t like to spit in a faggot’s mouth?  of course we all do, especially if you are an Alpha Master, or if you are ME !  Yes me, Master Mikey. Any faggot that has ever crossed my path will know what I think about spitting in fag mouths. I fucking love it. Especially in the throws of passion when I am digging out a faggot’s cunt hole, and pulling its hair, and then I twist its head round to look into its eyes, and then I spit right into its mouth, filling it with Alpha Spit, yes Alpha Spit, that is a thing.

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The Power of Alpha Master Spit

Each mouthful of Alpha Master Spit contains the healing powers that exist on an Alpha Male, and that is a special concoction of bacteria, hormones and other chemicals all blended to create a perfect soup of spit that blesses anything that it lands on. A true faggot will know the feeling it gets when its spit on or spit in, that feeling of spit landing on it is like a spiritual bath.

Spitting In A Faggots Apartment

Your partners out, they don’t even know what kind of fag you are, but you need to be abused and used and degraded to feel human, that is your curse, and I am the curse keeper, Master Mikey, I know what you are and what you have needed all your life, so you are one lucky fag to have me. I arrange to come to your apartment for this session, waiting hungrily outside your apartment to watch as your partner leaves for work. I know as they will spend the day working, so shall I , on your faggot flesh hahahaha. There are no limits to what I will do to you when I have you in my hands.

Today’s session is pure liquids, so I get inside and I take a shower in your shower, using all your cosmetics to get comfortable. I walk out and you’re standing there watching me, getting highly aroused by the thought of your Master using your things in your space, and I know your aroused because your tiny faggot pee pee is rock hard and showing through your pants, so I tell you to take off your pants and get naked. I want you to walk with me, and kneel by the window. You have a large glass pane through which you can see all the neighbours and all the neighbours can see you. You are naked, kneeling down by the window, on display for anyone that might look up or across. You look up at me with those begging slave faggot eyes, know full well what I will do next, your eyes are telling me “spit in a faggot sir” I pause, allowing you to simmer in the moment. You can see my mouth contorting in a familiar way, you can see my neck muscles tensing like a viper, and then splat across your face, you feel the familiar wet splash of my spit as it lands on your forehead and starts to trickle down your face. Then another splat, the warm liquid hits your eyeball, and drips down your cheeks, and then another hits the corner of your mouth, half filling your mouth and half landing on your shoulder. You can hear me laughing after ever spit, humiliating you beyond anything any Master has ever done for you, this is your greatest experience, the most perfect thing that could ever happen to you.

The Joy Of Spit On Faggots For Faggots

Each splash of oral cum that lands on you, blesses you. You know the privilege this is for you to receive my spit, my DNA all over your face. I continue, covering your face, the spit now dripping from both eyeballs and out of your nostrils. Your hair is gooey from the spit mask that I have covered it with, and I tell you to finger comb my spit into it. You do it like the fag slave that you are, hungry for anything that I give you, with no limits. You will allow all this spit to dry up on your stupid faggot face, and in time it will begin to stink as it dries on you. You will enjoy that smell, inhaling the aroma like the heavenly juice that it is.


You proceed to spread the spit that has landed on your face and neck across your body, using your fingers to massage the spit into your skin, taking full advantage of what I am giving you faggot. You hear me continue to spit on you, the spit quantity is increasing now, and the violence with which it is hurled, you can hear me growling as I aggressively spit down on you. You are nothing but a lowly faggot to me, a dumb little shit that I can use and abuse however I like. You are mine for the taking. I will do anything that I want with you, I am in control of everything and you.

The Masters Joy Of Spitting On Faggots

I enjoy spitting on you because I can, and because you cannot stop me. It’s a power trip, and I can do whatever I want with my property, and if I choose to spit or piss or shit on my property, then I will. I see your face and naked body, and I see a worthless cunt, and the appropriate response to a worthless cunt is to let the worthless cunt know its worthless, and one of the best ways is to honk back a big mouthful of spit and spray it into the eyes of a faggot. Organised sessions like this one are amazingly fun, but even better is a faggot that has come to me for some other abuse or use and then finds themselves being spat on. The surprise in the faggot’s face, tainted with an anger they can do nothing about is always a delicious look, and then the obvious submission to a more powerful Alpha as they lower their heads to watch through squinted eyes as I continue to spit on them, or slap them. I love seeing a hint of aggression when they first get spat on, which I normally remove with a slap or punch, followed by mouthfuls of spit.

Oh I love my life, you cannot imagine how much joy there is in being a young Alpha Master with the whole world and all those dirty fags at HIS feet.

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