Submissive And Breedable Fags

Submissive And Breedable
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Submissive And Breedable Boi’s

Submissive and breedable are two of the most favourable characteristics when it comes to faggots in general. I can tell you from having had fags worship me officially for the last 5 years that submissive and breedable are the best of qualities when you take into consideration all the potential negative qualities associated with faggots in a den.

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You may think that a fag den is just a nest for fucking and pleasure, a daily hedonistic charge into sexual depravity, but I can tell you, it’s NOT. Fags can be a real head fuck, because they are broken and hungry to worship and relentlessly needy. Can you imagine being a Young Alpha like me, confident, dominant and overpowering, and then you have a group of dirty old faggots, well advanced in their years, sending me messages to eat my ass out, when I am sitting with my mates in a club chatting up some cute guys and gals. Does that sound like a pretty picture, because it’s not!

Imagine the site of an old crumply cock and saggy balls bouncing around when you’re smashing a fags ass pussy, because that is what old faggots look like. Its not all bad though because these tired old faggots can be a lot of fun when you get inside them, they are normally very loose and sloppy, mmmm and willing to serve and satisfy. These old fags have typically gotten to a ripe old age and learned over the years exactly what they are, they know themselves and what they must do, there is no chopping and changing in them, none of that “today I’m a domme and tomorrow I’m a sub” switch nonsense, these are faggots through and through, and they know it.

The Character Of Fags That Are Submissive and Breedable

You can take a submissive and breedable faggot and make them do anything you want. Let’s be honest, you know who you are, you are reading this post because it attracted your eyes, your sin filled eyes, hahahaha, yes you fag boi! Fags come in many shapes and sizes, from tiny weeny dishevelled poor fags to six pack toting wealthy muscle fags, because being a fag is a state of mind, it’s a heart, and the heart of a fag determines what it does.

Submissive Fags

To me, submissive fags are those faggots that will submit themselves wholly to me. Submission can be verbal, physical and emotional, and I expect them all. I want my submissive fags to literally prostrate themselves before me, because I am convinced that a fag that goes through that ultimate step is forced to rethink its whole humanity, and it’s a form of training to the life of servitude that it will eventually be led into.

Physically Submissive Fags

These types of fags will lay themselves before me, and they will crawl around on the floor, showing themselves as lowly creatures. I will often use fags as furniture, putting my feet up on their backs or heads, or simply leaning on them to let them feel the weight and pressure of being in my service, this is not a free ride, the company of a Young successful Master is not just available to anyone, it’s a lucky fag that gets to be in my company. I know that sounds arrogant but what can you expect, if you were in my position with the choices that I have available, you would see the world entirely differently. I simply see the world for what it is, a hierarchy of creatures with APEX predators like me at the top of that food chain.

Verbally Submissive Fags

Verbally submissive is also critical for faggots in my company, and I impress verbal submission on fags through a combination of oppressive and aggressive language to dominate the fag’s mind. This verbal submission is sometimes achieved with just soft truths, telling the faggot what it is and what it must do to follow my rules and live under my tyranny, and at other times it can be extremely loud degrading and humiliating conversation where my aim is to destroy the faggots mind and leave it wondering what its worth. Total mental destruction is sometimes needed to break a faggot’s ego or help it move from normal vanilla civilian life, to the life of a totally degraded submissive faggot.

Emotionally Submissive Fags

Emotions rule us all, but some amongst us like faggots, are more emotionally unstable. Some might think that this makes them more vulnerable and more susceptible to being manipulated, and they would be right, I can use that to my advantage and control fags emotionally. I want fags to be in love with me, literally in love with me to the point that they cannot live without my overarching hand in their lives.

Breedable Fags

Breedable fags are all faggots that take the time to entice me, their Master, Master Mikey. I think fags fall into two breeding categories, one is the older faggots which are in the last quarter of their lives, they have run the course of their lives, usually in their 60s and 70s these fags can no longer birth offspring, no matter how feminised they are, they can no longer be impregnated, with these faggots you can pump them full of your alpha seed without worry. Fags of this age are ripe and breedable, you can take chances breeding them and rent them out to other Masters without the worry of them being seeded. I have a special name for these older faggots that you can just wreck, they are called Vintage Breedables.

The other breeding category is young faggots that are in the 20s, 30s, 40s , these faggots are highly sexed and always willing to go the extra mile. These fags are always more presentable, pleasant to look at and more devoted to faggotry, often wearing makeup, almost always shaving themselves clean, douching themselves out in prep for you, and all the other niceties that you would want from your cum dump breedable fag. I call this category of breedable, Hot Sauce Breedables because they are high risk, and likely to be feminised quickly by your alpha seed.


Submissive and Breedable Faggots

Faggots that are submissive and breedable are rare, often you will get submissive but not breedable, or the other way around, but when you get the combined fag that is both submissive and breedable, those are a treasure that you must keep hold off. I like submissive to the point that my fags will follow any command I issue, no matter how insane it sounds, like eating dog food, drinking piss and even scat play. This is why I like to categorise my faggots for easy selection and I hope that you reading this gives you food for faggot thought, because the more you consume fag meat, the more you must be careful about what you consume. A fag a day, keeps the doctor away!

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