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Submit To Alpha Master Mikey
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Welcome fag , sub , slave , sissy , femboy , deviant , welcome to my website ,  this is the first day of your new life. I applaud you little cunt, because you went looking for a Master, because you knew you were faulted and incomplete, you knew that your life lacked meaning and purpose, you were hollow deep inside. There has been a crack through your mind, all of your life, and you have watched that crack grow and deepen as you have grown older. Its only normal and natural that you should spend your days wondering why you have never quite been able to match up, live up to or fulfil any dreams of yours.

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It’s natural that you envied those strong masculine boys in college and enjoyed when they picked on you. Its natural that your workplace bullies made a bitch out of you. All these events are natural in your life and the things that are supposed to happen to you. They are all pointers to what you are, and why you are the way you are.

All men are not built the same, and some men are not men at all, some men are fags. You are a fag, or a sub, or any other type of deviant and submission is the only route to salvation for you.

Submission Is Salvation

Learning to submit is the only way to your salvation. You must submit, without submission in your life to an almighty, only damnation will follow. Submission to a Master like me, Master Mikey, the supreme Alpha man, the ultimate Alpha God, comes in many forms because I am unique in my needs and my approach. I have no financial needs in my life, my vanilla life gives me more freedom and financial stability than any man could want, and many lifetimes worth of luxury. I can get any amount of sexual gratification that I desire from the many fag sub slave pups I keep in Dens and kennels around the world. So, if money and sex are taken care of, what do I need and how can you serve me? The answer to that question is simple, you can serve me by showing that you are mine. To be mine, in whatever guise you come, means to submit yourself, prostrate yourself before me virtually or if you are lucky, physically. It means that you give to me everything that is yours. You will know when you have given enough, because I will tell you to stop.

I will take your money, simply because I can, and then I will spend it, or I will burn it.


I will take your flesh, simply because I can, and I will torment you on cams, or if you are lucky enough to be in a real-world session with me, then I will torment your flesh. I will penetrate your mind and your asshole, simply because I can. I will enjoy taking your dignity, and replacing it with the feeling that you are now complete. The feeling that you are now serving your true purpose.

Failure To Submit To Master Mikey

If you faggots fail to submit yourself to me, then you will suffer the greatest damnation possible, that of living a wasted life, a life of no purpose and no aims. A life such as this is a curse upon its bearer. Even a rat knows what its purpose is, so a fag without purpose is truly a lost soul in this world.

Branded And Serial Numbered

When you submit to me, you will be assigned a serial number which will denote your position in my global harem. It will be given to you as a sign that you are now part of my harem, and you may wear it as a badge of honour. The serial number tells you that you are now owned and a faggot of purpose, MY PURPOSE!. The serial number tells you that you are at once a faggot and a unique faggot, because no other slave fag or sub will carry the same number. You are truly a unique faggot. However, being branded by me is an honour and an achievement, and its not given to just any old fags, it’s given to fags I consider to be worthy fags, worthy to serve me.

So if you think that you are worthy of being in my global harem of animals, then reach out, tribute the obligatory sum to begin the discussion and then demonstrate that you are a worthy faggot, worthy of my time and attention. 

Submit To Alpha Master Mikey


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