Owned Fag Preacher

Owned Fag Preacher

Owned Fag Preachers If there is one fag taboo which I have yet to write down, it’s the number of…

TGirl With Big Tits

TGirl With Big Tits

Trans Girls With Big Tits As an Alpha Master, there is one thing that really turns me on, even more…

Unowned fags

Unowned Fags

What Are Unowned Fags Unowned fags are fags that identify with the faggot life, know that they are fags, understand…

Sub In Dictionary


Sub in popular culture Meaning of the word Sub Sub is typically used as an abbreviation for the term submissive.

Beta In Dictionary


Beta in popular culture Meaning of the word Beta The term "beta male" is a cultural concept that is not…

Breeding In Dictionary


The Word Breeding and Bred in daily use Meaning of the word Breeding The word breeding used in the context…

FagLife Explained

FagLife Dictionary

FagLife only means one thing to most people, but we must be kind to all those that are yet to…

Fag In Dictionary


Fag in popular culture Meaning of the word Fag Fag is a term for a homosexual. This word has been…

Faggots Worth

A Faggots True Worth

Your phone rings, its 11pm Friday night, who could it be, you answer it and hear a gruff deep voice…

Non-Sexual Fags

Non-Sexual Fags

This is a post for all those fags out there that have no sex drive whatsoever, which is a total…

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