TGirl With Big Tits

TGirl With Big Tits

Trans Girls With Big Tits As an Alpha Master, there is one thing that really turns me on, even more…

Sissy In Dictionary


Sissy in daily use Meaning of the word Sissy The word Sissy is used for a soft or effeminate boy…

Sissy Sarah

The Sissy That Loved Me

Settling Into life As An Alpha Master It was the second year of university life... I had my fulltime cocksucker…

Sissy Boy Fags

Sissy Fag

Sissy dress to impress There is nothing hotter then a sissy fag dressed up nice and slutty for me. Tight…

Fag Lives Matter

Master Mikey in the flesh

I won’t explain what a fag is.....

You are here because you are a fag...unworthy… idolatrous, a worshipper of Alpha gods like me that roam the Earth. Fag lives matter to me, and you are looking to be treated like a fag, to be managed like a fag, to enter into ownership and a life of servitude, and I can give that to you. Your life has no meaning, outside of worshipping a God like me.

My name is Master Mikey and I am a young 22 year old Master that lives in London England, and I manage a global harem of fags just like you.

In the daytime I work in a very high profile city job. Alongside my vanilla life, I roam the underworld as a Master of Fags. Read on to learn why you should dedicate your life to MY service. Pick the fag fetish that most excites you and then contact me to play. Lets have some fun. 

SEARCH BUTTON - TOP LEFT - Yes I have highlighted this for a reason, the search functionality I have designed for this blog is amazing, and allows you to get right to the content you desire, so whatever your fetish, type in the search bar and see the results pop up as you type. Enjoy.