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Your family have given you one last chance to change your ways. You were caught giving a blowjob to an Alpha Stud jock, behind a gas station at midnight. You were fined by the police and your wife found out what you had done as it appeared in your small-town newspaper. You’re a disgraced exposed man, but above all the shame, you are still a dirty little faggot in your mind. The whole town knows that you were sucking off anonymous college guys around town, and your wife tells you that you must seek professional help otherwise she is divorcing you.

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The Fake Alpha Fag Doctor

I hear a knock at my door, my office staff let you in and seat you to the outside of my office facing the elevators. You have no idea that you have arrived to the private office of a financier. I rush around turning pictures and posters on the wall, I flip over my desk title, revealing one that states Dr Mike – MD.

I slip on my white coat and my dark shades and in a hoarse voice I call you in. You walk in timidly, hesitant at my physical size but knowing that in your situation, you have few choices left. You sit before me, trying to peer around my dark glasses as I do the introductions. It’s one of my staff that read your story in the newspaper and decided to get in contact as we offer therapies, hypno therapies that can overcome the kinds of sexual deviancy issues that you are suffering from. Within minutes of sitting and listening to me, you are calm and I reassure you that the best way for us to go through this initial consultation is that I should lie you on the couch and listen to your back story. You lay down without any further prompting, a weak and feeble man. I sit next to you, but not close enough for you to peer around my oversized dark shades. I tell you that you must stare straight ahead to the wall as you tell the story... and to allow you to feel more relaxed and tell a fuller story you must concentrate on the white pin stuck in the black wall opposite the couch.

Fags Hypno Session

You start telling me your childhood, and I listen, as your ridiculous story of a weak and unfulfilled life flows out of your weak mouth, I gently start tapping on your wrist, telling you it’s a method of achieving deeper relaxed states, and do you mind that I will continue this through our session... and of course, you do not mind, you in fact agree totally with what I want, because you’re a weak faggot. I carry on listening and every 5 mins of story I interject with a request which I already know you will accept, and then I allow you to accept it and continue with your story, I am playing with your suggestive mind, and allowing you at each stage to fall into deeper and deeper levels of suggestibility. You are a truly weak faggot, and each time you accept my suggestion, I smirk wider inside myself, knowing what is soon to come.


Fag Deceived 

You keep going, on and on with your bullshit stories, and I watch and listen for what seems an age, until I see that your eyes fixed on the white pin on the wall are glazing over... now I know that you are ready, and then I place my finger onto your forehead and knowing you will no longer question or resist, I watch you... then I tell you to stop, and I say in my normal undisguised voice that you will feel my finger turn on your forehead like a key in a lock, and when it stops turning, you will be in a deep trance, unable to stop what’s happening or recall what you suffer afterwards… then I tell you to nod in agreement.. you nod, and I know your fate is sealed. Your head flops to the side, and like a snake strike, I whip off my shades and my white doctor’s jacket. There is no way that you will recognise me in deep trance. I have arranged this all, I was the last anonymous college jock that you sucked off behind the gas station. I was the one that submitted the cctv clips to the news station and the police…hahaha and I kept myself just out of view, knowing that you would be in full view, and your life would be ruined. I was also the one to call your home and offer my “services” knowing that you were such a dumb faggot that you would not question why a doctor would be situated inside a finance office… haha you stupid fag. Now you lie helpless before me, and I grab you and throw you off the couch onto the floor. You stand immediately, and I tell you that you must now call me Master Mikey, and that after ever question or statement you must answer with “Yes Master”. Your eyes are fully open but your mind is fully closed and totally ready to serve me. I tell you that the thing that you want most is to be sucking on my cock... “Yes Master..” is your reply as you kneel before me… I close the office shades and walk back to your face at crotch level, and without thinking further I pull out my big fat cock and shove it deep into your mouth. Your dry fag mouth is horrible to fuck, so I pull out, and tell you to open your mouth.. “Yes Master” is your reply as I spit into your mouth and face… I laugh as I slide back into your throat… now its much nicer being in your tight fuckhole mouth.. hahaha you are such a stupid fucking animal.

Fag Used And Abused

I spend the next 15 minutes sliding in and out of your familiarly dirty mouth before I tell you to stand, and then I tear at your pants as I push you over the couch end… tugging at your pants as I throw you down. You make no noise as I pull your cheeks apart violently, and spit into the darkness of your fag pussy. I then push my fist up between your cheeks rubbing my spit all over and around your boi pussy hole… more spit… and then some more… nice... your nice and sloppy as I slide in a thick long Alpha finger. your tight rim gives no room … so more spit… and some more…and then my second finger joins my first inside you… the smell of shit pinging in my nostrils from your unwashed filthy faggot cheeks... but it’s too late… I spit some more and then put my cock up against your tight red ring… grabbing your throat with both hands... I push my cock into you... no noise emerges from you, and no expression as I slide past your tight anal ring and deep into the shit covered cavity of your dark stinky asshole. You’re such a tight fag, even moving my monster cock inside you causes your entire body to shake, but that is a turn on, and I shake your body like a ragdoll as I slide in and out building a rhythm inside you... your hips connect to mine every time I plunge deep inside you.

The knowledge that you’re my enchanted faggot drives me wild…. And holding tight around your neck I go into a trance myself, the last 20 powerful thrusts into your faggot body as I head to climax. My climax is an explosion of cum and violence combined, as my huge cock shoots a gallon of cum deep into your abdomen and I simultaneously throw you off my cock and into the wall. You land in a heap on the floor under my awards rack, and I walk over to you, lean down and whisper into your mind fucked hypnotised ear…

“ time we meet behind the gas station, don’t beg me to hypnofuck you...because I will do this again..hahahaha”

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