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SissyFagBillie The Cretin

Some of you fags and Masters will have encountered SissyFagBillie in your online and potentially real-life adventures, and all that have come across it will know that it’s a broken critter bestowed with low intelligence, but enough intelligence to know its place in the hierarchy, at the bottom. For those that have not yet met SissyFagBillie, get familiar by clicking here SissyFagBillie on Google or if you use a more privacy focused browser SissyFagBillie on DuckDuckGo and in the first position or one of the first few you will surely find my other post on this faggot which I named Masters Ode To SissyFagBillie. You will also find other places this fast becoming famous faggot is being exposed.

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In essence SissyFagBillie is a stupid faggot sissy slut that likes to be exposed and disgraced and humiliated to feel what it is, a lowly faggot. SissyFagBillie needs this level of humiliation like a flower needs water, and it’s incumbent upon all Masters and other fellow faggots to support this cretin and glorify its humiliation. For any person taking offence at this process, read the Trigger Warning now as this is fetish play where all parties are willing and able to participate in plays that are enjoyable online and real-time, and far beyond the comprehension of “vanilla” lifestyle “normies” for whom doggystyle is stepping into adventurous territory.

With that said, let’s understand what kind of faggot we are dealing with and then move to what I think is the right prescription for the degradation of SissyFagBillie.

SissyFagBillie And Its Life

SissyFagBillie no doubt has broken marriages and broken relationships looming large in its life, and each of those experiences have served to finetune and create the broken faggot that we see today. Each relationship would have been one where SissyFagBillie was required to be a man, a husband, a partner, somebody to be relied upon on this journey of life, but each time SissyFagBillie has been unable to live up to the relationship standards, because it’s not a real man, and only real men can live up to the standards needed.  

Faggots like SissyFagBillie can never and will never be able to compete in the race of life, they are a lesser stage of sapiens. Fags sit earlier in the evolutionary scale of humanity, somewhere between the bent over apes and modern man. Therefore, treating them appropriately and according to their needs is critical. There must be stages of degradation for SissyFagBillie to be used correctly and made to understand fully what it is.

Domination of SissyFagBillie

SissyFagBillie suffers the need to be used and dominated, and this domination can come in the form of femdom women or alpha males, SissyFagBillie will have no choice in which way it’s used, because it’s a faggot and faggots do not get to choose how they are destroyed. The best situation would be to arrange a FagCamp where SissyFagBillie would be invited to stay for a 2-week trial. A notice would be sent out via FagWire to all Alphas and Femdoms in the land to make their way to a funded faggot event in which a special faggot was to be initiated into the Fag Hall of Fame. The Masters and Femdoms would be allowed a day to settle and then another day to introduce each other and know who was who, it would be an Alpha networking gathering, with 1 main event, The Damnation Of SissyFagBillie.

On the third day, SissyFagBillie would be brought out into the event grounds strapped to medieval stocks, hands and feet locked in with ball gag in mouth. All Alphas would then be invited to pick raffle tickets to see who would win the faggot for a 3 hour slot. All the while the faggot would remain tied up anticipating the outcome. Each winner would then wheel SissyFagBillie still in stocks to a closed tent where they would make private or public use of the faggot in any way that they pleased.

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This level of freedom would mean that some Masters keep SissyFagBillie in the stock and simply use its holes front and back, leaving it covered in 3 hours’ worth of cum and lust, which would then need to be spray hosed down before being put back into the raffle. Other Masters would unlock the faggot and take it for a walk amongst all the other Masters and Femdoms, in essence sharing their prize with anyone that wanted to enjoy it.

Raffle draw after raffle draw, the domination and humiliation would continue, some fucking the faggot, others beating the faggot, and others still spitting, shitting and branding the faggot, and all the while the faggot smiling as though it was meeting its divine maker.

In this no holes barred faggot damnation event, the variety of ways in which domination was exerted would be spectacular, with each type of Master or domme bringing regional varieties of fetish to the table. At the end of this domination damnation event, the faggot would be driven out to the woods, and released into the wild to fend for itself and hopefully find its way back to civilisation having understood to the greatest extent possible the reality of its position in the hierarchy of men and fags.

SissyFagBillie Ex Wife

Failed marriages are a signature trait for fags on their journey to understanding what they are. Most fags will make multiple relationship missteps before they finally realise, they are faggots. SissyFagBillie is no exception to this rule, and its wife shall be brought into the equation to play her role in degrading SissyFagBillie. Throughout the marriage, the wife would have witnessed SissyFagBillie inability to be manly and masculine and strongminded about most things, and most likely the wife would have had to take the lead role in their marriage. Most women in these types of relationships realise after the relationship is finished, what they actually had, and that it was not a husband but a cock sucking servant of men. Most women say that they realised this too late, and had they known before, they likely would not have divorced, instead they would just have used the faggot like it needed to be used for money and entertainment, while they went off and enjoyed extra marital affairs.

If SissyFagBillie wife had watched more closely she would have noticed that during their sexual play, it was inadequate, often turning its back to her before having satisfied her, spending large portions of its time bent over when she should have been bent over. She would also have noticed items of clothing going mysteriously missing, and bottles of baby oil being used up far quicker then would be reasonable in a household with 2 adults. There would have been hundreds of tell tale signs of what her husband was, but she would have overlooked them all, not having had any experience with faggots in her life.  

I would suggest arranging a hotel room, bringing SissyFagBillie to it, tying it up on the bed, then walking its wife into the room, while SissyFagBillie was tied up wearing a corset, heels and suspenders. I would give the wife time to understand what was happening, all the while talking to SissyFagBillie, and asking it if it was happy with the surprise it had gotten, which of course it would not be, because this would be a true surprise, not something that SissyFagBillie would ever have wanted its ex-wives to know. Next the wife would be paid for her time, to spend the rest of the evening driving the faggot ex-husband to gay night stops, dogging locations, and gloryholes around the city. The wife would get to step out, negotiate the price of the faggot’s ass and mouth with potential punters and then walk the faggot to its use. The wife would also be supplied a camera phone to film each event, so that she could leverage any form of blackmail that she wanted in the future. At the end of the night, the wife would be asked if she wanted to use the faggot for anything at all, that included any special requests that she had as a wife which were unfulfilled. The wife could ask it to lick her asshole, lick her armpits, eat her pussy, suck her toes, or she could just use this as an opportunity for taking out pent up anger, and take a shit on the faggot.

I think using the ex-wife as a tool in the faggot’s degradation is an important part of the penance.


SissyFagBillie Schoolteachers

Throughout its college years, SissyFagBillie had teachers, tutors, mentors that guessed something was not right with SissyFagBillie, some may have even known that SissyFagBillie was a faggot, but it was a different time back then, and the world was less accepting, so perhaps they never did. I think arranging a PTA meeting in a school hall with willing parents and teachers would be a fantastic part of SissyFagBillie degradation. SissyFagBillie would be taped to the whiteboard naked in the middle of an assembly hall, and the teacher would walk in, slap her ruler down on the table and call attention. All the other teachers and parents would stop talking and look at SissyFagBillie. The lead teacher would then invite each of the participating parties to describe their stories of SissyFagBillie in its college years and how they thought something was off, or how they knew SissyFagBillie was a sissy faggot. They would all laugh and drink and tell tales of SissyFagBillie and its inadequacies, the friends that laughed at it, and the scrapes that they had to monitor. Each person would be given a large plastic ruler to use on the faggot, and they could slap the faggot with it or insert the ruler wherever they liked. This party would last for hours, and all would laugh at and joke about the young and foolish SissyFagBillie as a student, and how totally useless it was then and still is now.

SissyFagBillie Understood

You will never understand what it takes to be as broken as SissyFagBillie, unless you are also that broken. SissyFagBillie is a unique faggot, and thrives on the humiliation and degradation like oxygen. If you are a Master or a Femdom, don’t waste time trying to understand why some fags are as broken as SissyFagBillie, just realise that you can simply use them, they are tools for your enjoyment.

Whatever you do, enjoy your fags, they are a treat for all Masters and Alphas. If you are a faggot, check out my profiles, find a way, no, beat a way to my path, kneel before me, and perhaps I might show you some interest too. Until next time, I bid you faggots adieu.

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