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Fag Object
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The Faggot As An Object

It’s a straight forward truth of life that fags are objects, and there is no getting around that point. Whether you treat your fags as individuals, or lovers, or subs, whatever you label them as, the first thing they are, is an object. Fags are an object for Alphas to use. Full stop, and the conversation could end there, but let’s explore this point.

When you think of your fag as an object you must also necessarily remove any feelings you have for it, or if you keep those feelings then they are akin to feeling affection or love towards a teddy bear or a car, its really just an object that you attach feelings too, because you get some pleasure from its presence. Some people are known to fall in love with their fuck dolls, and that is possibly the closest comparison to a faggot. A fag is a fuck doll, you use it, abuse it, perhaps wash it, and then throw it in the cupboard until the next time you need to satisfy yourself. At its core, the relationship is that simple.

If you are comfortable with the faggot as an object, then you must also examine and compare the faggot’s useable assets, which we will go through one by one below. When looking at the assets of the fag, it is for you as an Alpha or Master or simple owner of the faggot to determine the best uses of the fag’s assets, because as you will know, the fag is a dumb creature at heart, without the capacity for basic thinking, and certainly not able to make decisions for itself.

The Throat Pussy

Every good fag has the capacity to be a great cocksucker. All fags are endowed with a throat pussy that is wasted on talking because they are too dumb to have anything useful to say. Talking aside, the typical faggot has no other use for its throat pussy, and therefore a great Alpha should always encourage / force the faggot to use its throat pussy for a higher purpose. The higher purpose is achieved through daily throating and breeding of the fag’s throat pussy, and then allowing the fag to consume every last drop of the Alphas seed. The Alpha seed when consumed this way is rich in proteins, calcium, potassium, magnesium and zinc amongst other vital ingredients. All these elements nourish and vitalise the faggot, and as the cum enters the faggots body it becomes a part of the faggot, therefore making the faggot more at one with its Master. Its common for faggots that have their throat pussy bred regularly and by more then one person at a time, to develop emotional attachments to Masters.  


The Ass Pussy

The fag’s journey to being a good companion object for a Master, is a long one, and fraught with constant challenges. One of the greatest challenges for a newbie faggot is to realise what being a faggot means. Realisation of faggot purpose is typically best achieved through regular and hard breeding of the faggot’s ass pussy. This is where a dedicated and focused animalistic breeder is needed, as the newbie faggot cannot afford days away from breeding. The newbie fag must be bred daily, so that its brain is trained to realise the purpose of its ass pussy and to become comfortable that this is what is expected. Expectations are everything at the start of the Alpha faggot relationship, and they must be set early by the Alpha.

The Boi Clit

As a simple biological fact, your faggot has a boi clit which hangs aimlessly at the front. With a newbie faggot, this boi clit still produces the required amount of testosterone to allow it to continue to function as its assigned birth sex. The Alpha must make early decisions about what outcome is expected and then action plan the process.

Most Masters will want to chastity cage their fags, starting with a large cage and working the fag down to a stub cage within approx. 14 weeks. This process has a definite result of dropping urges and testosterone levels over time. If handled the right way, the Master can all but kill off all the desires of the faggot which do not align with the Masters needs. It will take time with training, observation and management, but you can end up with a fag that is the perfect fit for you.

Some Masters will go further than this, and consider removing their faggots’ cock completely. There is reconstructive surgery that can create a very believable front pussy, and you can continue to train the ass pussy while you wait for the front pussy to heal and be of service. In the best-case scenario after this process, you end up with a fag that has 2 fully functioning pussies. Life does not get much better than that.

Other Uses For The Faggot

There are many Masters that will state other bodily uses for faggots, such as footjob fags, or handjob fags, but from my experience there are other more skilled practitioners when it comes to these tasks. For example, a sexy femboy will provide a far more visually attractive footjob or handjob then a fag will. However, I am well aware that some Alphas want to train their fags to be all-purpose all-weather faggots, so that they can get all their needs met in one place. If this is the case for you, then you should definitely read my importance of spanking article. Whatever you Alphas choose to do, is your choice ultimately, but for the fag connoisseurs amongst us, like me, I prefer to use faggots for the way nature provided them.  

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