The Fag That Stole Christmas

Fag That Stole Christmas
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Why Do Fags Hate Christmas

Fags Question

Why oh why do fags hate Christmas, and most celebrations in general? 

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

There are so many societal reasons why fags hate Christmas, but most of them are based around the fact that fags do not like traditional festive family events, because festive and family represent the normality of life, and all things family orientated. A faggot is as far removed from normality as a person can get, nothing about the fag is normal, and its deviant ways are certainly not normal. 

Most fags suffer during these festive periods, because some of these wretched faggots have families that they need to spend time with, and that takes away all their opportunities for depraved behaviour. Other fags find that their Alphas and Masters are less available during festive periods, because they are with friends, families and entertaining and living their best lives. These factors mean that most fags will feel deprived of attention and lonely, and then they watch the world around them enjoying themselves as they sit in misery, all of this can be an explosive combo. 

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Fags The Steal Christmas For Fun

The various factors that make fags miserable at Christmas can lead to bitterness which often spills out into violence, vengefulness and other negative traits. Fags are most likely to play up at festive periods, so be careful around this time. 

Advice To Masters - Managing Your Fag In Festive Season

If you are a Master with fags that serve you, then make sure you take precautions at this time of the festive season, such as ensuring the faggot does not know where you live or where you friends or family live, as it will become desperate for attention and seek to approach people, its like a cat in heat at this time for attention. No matter how much violence you threaten the faggot with, it will play up and will need to be reprimanded physically to keep it in check. Ideally, if you and your fags situation allows, you can cage your fag up before the festive season starts and then unpack it after the season has passed.

Another method that works well is to arrange a series of fag gangbangs in the run up to the festive season so that the faggot is physically and mentally washed out, once depleted the faggot is safer to itself and all around it. 

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