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Sissy Sarah
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Settling Into life As An Alpha Master

It was the second year of university life... I had my fulltime cocksucker Jon who had now been servicing my cock for over 8 months and life was actually really good. I was having sex about 6 times a week minimum, local girls in the town and chicks from my university and I was indulging in some fag fun with Jon. Jon had become really dependable, he would wash my clothes, take care of all my needs, go shopping for us in the dorm, stay out of my way when I brought girls home, but on the occasion that I could not get laid or it was the time of the month for whichever chick I was fucking, Jon would step in and suck me off, jerk me off or something more creative. At this point I had not fucked Jon in the ass, that was to come later. I had made sure Jon was no longer being bullied so he was really happy just being a good home fag for me, and I was enjoying him. We never spoke about what we were doing, but there was just an Alpha and Fag slave dynamic that fell into place.

“I ensured his safety, while he ensured my comfort”

Outwardly I was the jock that the girls wanted, the guys wanted to be like and in my dorm room I was the Alpha Master that used and abused a fag slave, so by all accounts I was living a 007 Bond lifestyle without the cheesy finishing lines and a hell of a lot more fucking.

Fag Abuse

My comfort with being the Alpha had really grown indoors and sometimes I would have Jon on all fours serving me with his mouth and I would enjoy him, cum in him and just order him back to his room messy, sometimes I would be on the phone while he was gulping my cock down, so to say that I had normalised this behaviour in the dorm room was an understatement. This comfort led me to behave very open and relaxed when I was out on the campus, perhaps because I was constantly exhausted and empty of cum… and this attracted the attention of the outliers in the year group. Now by outliers I mean the Goth kids, the Techno nerds and the Curious kids who you never quite knew if they were old enough to be in university or whether the next school shooter would emerge from their ranks. Amongst that group was a slight looking guy, that always wore eyeshadow… sometimes had his nails done black and would wear odd nondescript asexual clothing… clothing that you could reasonably say would be worn by men or women…. It was difficult to describe him or forget him as he would often appear in places I was and make eye contact in the weirdest of ways. I had so far ignored him, but he was in my view and occasionally in my thoughts. The reason he was in my thoughts was that he looked quite pretty, and I know that sounds like an odd thing to say about a guy, but it was the way he did his eyeshadow which said less Goth and more something else... however, it was not a something else that I had any experience off. He had a really slim body, with long legs and a tiny waist, which you could sometimes see because he would wear suits that belted at the waist, it was all quite bizarre and I and probably most people just put it down to the fact that maybe he was one of the Art students who always wore funky clothes covered in odd colours. - Alpha Masters Live On Cams

Hey Miss

The last day of term, it was a summers day, I was sitting at the bar with some guys talking loud and guzzling whiskey shots, we were a group of lads making a lot of noise and annoying other patrons. In the corner of my eye, I caught sight of a chick I had not seen before, she had long legs, curvy hips and tiny shoulders with shoulder length hair…. She was wearing flip flops with cute toes on display and a flowing summery dress…I couldn’t see her face, as she was walking past so in my drunken state I jumped up and hurried across to her. As I approached her from the side, I tried to speak as softly as possible so as not to scare her…. “Hey miss…” but I stopped as soon as I started because she looked at me, and it was not a HER, it was a HIM… it was the slim weird dude… I was shocked... “yo dude. Sorry bro, I didn’t realise it was you” I was lost for words and all my drunkenness came over me suddenly... he smiled and said in the softest voice…” hey, my names Bobby, I am so glad you came over to me, I have been wanting to speak with you for months”. I was still shocked, but now because Bobby looked so cute and sexy, and the way he moved his mouth drove me wild, even totally drunk I could feel my cock rising. I was kind of shocked with my own behaviour as I said to him... “you look hot dude” and then I caught myself saying that and was inwardly disgusted and hoping my friends had not heard…but the look Bobby gave me when I said it was amazing. I suddenly felt a little awkward, which I never was, and said “ok bro, I’m out, nice seeing you” and I walked away... behind me Bobby said….” Let’s get a drink sometime” and I shouted, “definitely bro” ... as I hurried back to my mates who were wondering what on earth was going on. I then spent the rest of the evening being insulted by the guys for chatting up a “weird homo fag” dressed as a girl… but my mind kept going back to how Bobby looked and the excitement I felt in my balls looking at him. My lads never knew that I was playing both sides, I never made it public that Jon was servicing my cock with his boy mouth, so all the lads just thought I was a ladies’ man, never that I was also being sucked off by a guy, so for them, this event with Bobby was just a reason to take the piss.

Bobby played in my mind all night, and I kept getting drunker and drunker and my thoughts got looser and looser to the point that by the end of the night, my boys joking about me chatting up a homo was leading to me saying that “I would have banged that transvestite fag” all night long… even our words were all jumbled up as we had no experience of boys dressed as girls or vice versa. We knew what fags were, but the fags we knew never dressed up as girls. So, it was a night of muddled insult banter.

Sissy Coffee For Two

I woke the next day with a banging headache but one thing still in my mind, Bobby. I didn’t see Bobby for a few days, and then collecting my books from a tutor, I got a tap on the shoulder, it was a small hand, and I turned, it was Bobby. He said, “shall we get that drink now” and smiled so sweetly that I nearly fell over…I said “Yes let’s do that” without any hesitation. We spent the next 2 hours sitting in a Costa Coffee talking and me asking questions, Bobby was not shy to explain his look, which I described as “girly” but he explained to me as “sissy” which was all new to me. He then took me through why he dressed up, and how he would often be in dress up for days on end, and other times he would hide all his girly clothes because his parents were visiting his dorm. I learnt a lot about Bobby that afternoon, but most of all, I struggled to see Bobby as a boy, even though he clearly was a boy, he looked so feminine that I would lose sight, and see a pretty girl in front of me. Bobby was quite confident when he wanted to be and got up to tell me he was leaving and that I could come over to his room later this evening with a bottle of vodka if I wanted to watch him game, he was a big-time online gamer, and spent hours every evening winning online game competitions which again was all new to me, of course I agreed.

Sissy And Vodka

I spent all afternoon thinking about it, I didn’t tell Jon what I was doing, not that I ever did, but I did have Jon suck me off before I left that evening, because I was not sure where this trip was going to end and I didn’t want to have a sack full of cum clouding my judgement and that was what Jon was for, to clear me out whenever I wanted. I grabbed the bottle of Vodka and headed over to Bobby's place. I knocked on the door, and Bobby opened the door, looking at him, I nearly fell over, Bobby was dressed with a tight fitted mini dress, open thighs, knee high stockings, heels, nail polish, bright red lipstick and a blonde wig.. he smiled and said “The only rule to follow before you come in here is that in this room, you call me Sarah, my name is Sarah” I agreed and walked in, dragging my tongue behind me. I was mesmerised and it was obvious to Bobby, sorry Sarah, that I was hot for her. I felt a surge of energy and excitement as I followed Sarah in, and I asked where I should put the bottle of Vodka, which Sarah replied to with a smile “Anywhere you like babe” . I was hard for Sarah right away, and it was obvious. Dressed up so fem, it was impossible for me to hold out my feelings, she could see that I was horny, and behind these closed doors I could not hold back, and told Sarah that she was sexy and that I loved the way she dressed, and loved her makeup. It was all new territory for me because I was used to dominating men and Jon who was a weak fag, but here with Sarah I felt that she had some power herself, she was a self-described powerful Sissy Girl, which turned me on even more. I didn’t wait very long to tell Sarah how hard she was making me, to which she replied that I was hot too, and that she was going to take care of me, “sit there and unzip right now” Sarah said, to which I complied excitedly, then Sarah proceeded to stand bent over very straight, right in front of me, and take my whole cock in her mouth, standing in just the right way that I could see the length of her hot long legs and the curve of her ass and small back as she went up and down the length of my thick bolt hard shaft. Her mouth was so soft and warm, open wide enough to guide me past her teeth and tight enough at the back of her throat to give my helmet a nice deep massage…. He was heaven being in her mouth. I am ashamed to say I lasted about 25 strokes in and out before I blew a powerful load into her mouth... I was so annoyed as hardly any cum shot into her...I felt my cock muscles spasm ferociously as I came but with 25 strokes my balls had not produced much cum... I was embarrassed, but she pulled back and smiled saying “don’t worry babe, its going to be a long night...” and then swallowed my small load and wiped her lips with her finger, pushing any residual cum from around her lips into her mouth… it was heavenly just watching her move around her dorm room.

We spent the rest of the night playing, we kissed and although she was really shy, I touched what she called her “boi pussy” through her panties, which felt very unusual to me, but it was a new experience and I tried it. On this first occasion she didn’t let me pull her panties off, so I rubbed from outside her panties. She sucked me off again twice more through the night and at some point, we fell asleep in the bed. That night I did not fuck her, even though it was a girl in front of me, and she was acting like a girl, and at no point did she invite me to go inside her.. she was teasing me with her ass near my crotch, and before I could get any closer, she would move away, so I didn’t take it any further that night. She wanted me to call her Sissy Sarah, and I did that all night. This night was the first of many that followed, as I had now moved into another new area of my Alpha sexuality. I now had Jon the fag cocksucker at home, and also Sissy Sarah for wilder nights out.  She did let me fuck her eventually about a month later, but that day was eventful in itself so I will leave that to another blog post.

Alpha Men And Sissy Sluts

Sissy Sarah that opened up to me that night was a person and a relationship that lasted until the end of university. We never told anyone outside of each other that we were anything more then friends. We would have weekends away, and nights together out of town, but none of our friends ever knew what we had together. I can still call upon Sarah, who lives in the same university town that I left and we would still have a great time together now. We never did put a label on that relationship we had, but I would say that for her it was definitely a love that dare not speak its name. Read Sissy Trained To Serve to see how far I have taken these sissy sluts. - Alpha Masters Live On Cams

If you like sissy experience story, get ready for the updates which will follow. I had several more experiences with other sissies which I am going to write up as a result of this first one with Sissy Sarah. If you enjoyed this, then check out Sissys.

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