Training Fags With Sex Dolls

Training Fags With Sex Dolls
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Fags And Training

If you have read any of this blog, you will be well aware how important I consider the training of fags to be. A fag without training is nothing more than a wild uncontrollable dog that needs to be kept on a short leash because it cannot be controlled. You must begin training faggots at the very start of the relationship, otherwise you will just end up with a puppy that shits on the carpet.

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I have explained all types of training methods like using the 10-step method or spanking for training here and slave contracts here and all of these methods have their own merits. Each will help you to take the faggot up the chain of ownership and towards being the best fag slave, it can be for you.

The next method I want to discuss is training fags using sex dolls.  

Fags Trained With Sex Dolls

I can hear you say it, what is the purpose of training fags with sex dolls? Well, the answer is simple. Fags are lowly beasts and training them to be right for you is a laborious task that takes time and patience. Its time you would rather spend on other more valuable things, certainly not on dumb faggots. This is where sex dolls come in.

Sex dolls are inanimate objects, they are pulled out of a cupboard by their owner to be fucked senseless and then stuffed back into a cupboard. Sex dolls, for most people are still a shame filled subject, and admitting that you own one is certainly not the done thing. If you own a sex doll, you're highly unlikely to mention it to family and friends, as luxurious as they might be, they are not something to show off. Faggots are exactly the same, if you own one, you are unlikely to tell friends and family, but you will find that there are many similarities.

Fag And Sex Doll Comparison

The similarity between a sex doll and a fag is uncanny,

  1. The fag is as dumb as the sex doll, zero intelligence
  2. The brainwashed fag has the same vacant expression in its face most of the time, as the sex doll with its glassy eyes
  3. You can use and abuse the fag, and then throw it back into the cupboard unwashed, you can do as you please with it
  4. The sex doll has no emotions and the fag has no emotions either. The sex doll and the fag are only there to satisfy you.
  5. You can possibly get more conversation out of a sex doll, then you can with most faggots

The relationship with a sex doll is a one way transaction and many Masters will tell you the same is true of the relationship with a faggot, which is also a one way transaction where the faggot is there to serve the superior man, the real man, the Alpha man with anything he needs.


Method of Training The Faggot With The Sex Doll

The best way to get the faggot trained up for what you like is to get it fucking the sex doll early. Introduce it to the sex doll in a room with a bed in it. DO NOT name the doll, never anthropomorphise the sex doll or the faggot, they are objects. Make sure to put a camera in the room, so the faggot knows its being filmed, and then have it undress and climb on top of the sex doll. With a cold and stern impression, inform the fag that you wish it to fuck the sex doll, and that you expect it to start immediately if it is to have any chance of impressing you. It’s almost guaranteed that under these conditions the faggots tiny pindick will not get erect. The fag is a useless feeble creature at the best of times, but under the duress of having to perform with a sex doll in front of its Master, its lack of sexual prowess will be further highlighted, and this is an important tool in its learning. The fag’s inadequacy will be cemented further into its brain, and you must reinforce these feelings. At some point in the process, as the fag squirms trying to impress you, you will then stop it, and tell it that its useless and totally incompetent and therefore, its easier if the sex doll fucks the faggot. At first the fag will be shocked, that its not even good enough to be fucked by its Master, and then when you get it to bend over and hold its boi pussy open for you while you guide the inanimate dull faced sex dolls 8-inch dildo cock deep into its ass, the shame will almost kill it. You must then proceed to fuck the faggot’s ass for at least 20 minutes, so that it can go through all the emotion stages of shock, shame, denial, acceptance, and finally realisation.

Faggot Training Completion

The process will train and convert the faggot fully, that is a guarantee. It may take 5-10 sessions of this, but the process will cause brain activity changes in the fag. There is a special type of emotional electricity created when the faggot looks into the dead eyes of the sex doll, as its being ploughed by the dolls 8-inch dildo cock and the dolls cold plastic hands are wrapped around it’s neck. There is a definiteness about this process which is inescapable.

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