Try Not To Cum

Try Not To Cum
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Try Not To Come Fag

For any fag or sub that has ever been in my company, it will know that I always test it with a challenge, and each challenge varies depending on the faggot, but almost always it involves a trying not to cum challenge. I create this challenge because a fag should only have one goal in mind, to serve a Master, and to fulfil its purpose, but rarely is it that simple. Fags being dumb fucking creatures are selfish, and what should be the fag’s goal, rarely ever is. The fag is always wanting to cum, and dump loads wherever it can. The faggot is a degenerate creature, its aims are normally to find ways to cum from its deviancy. A fag will want to lick your feet or lick your asshole, or worship you, in the hope you will allow it to release and empty its little clitdick. Most fags that visit me in the Den are desperate to empty their tiny little emasculated cum sacks.

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As a Master, as an Alpha, it’s my job to manage these faggots and their needs, sometimes allowing them to release, but most times fucking up their orgasms and denying them the release. So, if you are a faggot that loves to be edged and manipulated while you’re aching, then read on bitch.

Try Not To Cum Tied Up Challenge

One typical challenge that I have with most of the fags that come to me is the “tied up challenge”. In this challenge I will tie up the faggot, and it can be on the floor, on a massage table, or simply tied to furniture like a chair. The fag must always be naked when they are tied up, so that everything is on display and they have to suffer fully. I will then strip in front of it, taking off layer by layer, watching as its clit cock twitches up and down, bobbing like driftwood on the ocean. I will walk up to it and with my big thick hard cock, I will press up on it, allowing my thick girth to press into its skin, running it along its faggot flesh, pushing into natural dips in its flesh like armpits, elbows, neck folds, touching its ears, nose, sliding my thick shaft across its lips.

This drives the faggots crazy; I can see their cocks twitching insanely, out of control as I molest their bodies with my thick cock. I then tell the faggots that they are not allowed to cum, and they must try not to cum . It twitches like a cockroach scurrying around, and tries its best to hold its load. I am a cruel Master because although I tell it to try not to cum, I really want to see it fail and cum, because that is the fag’s nature, to fail at everything in its life, so this should not be an exception.

No fag has lasted more than 15 minutes while I run my thick cock across its body and wipe on its skin, they all blow their loads within those 15 minutes. All fucking failures. The best part of the failure is that the fags never spurt cum, because they are tied up and weak, the cum dump is feeble and more a dribble, it hurts them just to push that cum out the tip, and then like disappointing custard, the sludge pushes out the tip and slides across their helmets sorrowfully as they scream and twitch and buck their hips, listening all the while as I laugh at them... hahahaha. Oh how I love to torment and torture these faggots with cum challenges.

Try Not To Cum Game

Another game that I play involves having a faggot sit in front of a monitor naked, this time its not tied up, its simply obeying my commands. I have told it that it must sit in front of the monitor, and that if it even thinks about moving, I will beat the living shit out of it. So, it sits there scared and intimidated, but excited. It knows that the beating is real, as I have normally given this faggot a beating before. It’s important that they understand the reality of the consequences, and there is no better teacher then a black eye. I then stick on BDSM fetish gay porn, where a faggot is being slapped and fucked by a group of Alpha Masters. I know this is a turn on for the faggot, so I position it with its legs wide open so that I can put a very special toy in front of it, see the picture below,

Fuck Fat Ass Sex Toy

This faggot gets to stare at this toy, touch it, feel its ass, I then encourage it to eat out the asshole, lick the rim, taste the shit out of the ass, and squeeze the cheeks, imagining for a moment that its going to be allowed to fuck its Master, a dream that it has but it knows it will never be able to fulfil. As a faggot, it is doomed to a life of bottoming for real men, but here it sits feeling this asshole, bending down and tonguing this asshole, with a chance, its only chance to fuck this asshole. It feels braver and braver as its clitcock twitches looking at this toy, it squeezes those cheeks firmer as its cock twitches away. I tell the faggot that it must try not to cum, but if it wants, it has my permission to fuck this ass, not cumming, but it can fuck this faggot ass. It stares at me blankly, clitcock twitching away, desperate for release, but unable to touch its cock, and now with permission to slide its hard little clitcock deep into the ass in front of it. It starts to beg, “let me fuck this ass and cum inside its ass Master, please Master” and I laugh in its face, telling it that if it wants to please me then it should try not to cum. Its face winces as its clit twitches away, eventually my laughing drives it over the edge, and with its clit cock twitching away it screams “sorry Master” and then plunges its tiny cocklet into the ass of this toy, its hips pounding as hard as its faggot body allows.

I chose this faggot sex toy specially for this faggot and this trying not to cum challenge because I know how amazing this sex toy ass is, and how nice and tight the asshole is, that it will grip and squeeze every last drop of cum out of the fag’s tiny pipe.

Within a minute the fag is blowing its load and failing the challenge. I laugh in its face, slap it hard enough to knock it off its feet and then spit on it laying on the floor. I then pick up the sex toy ass and empty the faggots load into its face, not that there is much of a load in there.

Try Not To Cum Challenge

I love these try not to cum challenges because they force the faggots to try and obey me, even when they know its almost impossible. I want my fags to try, and be challenged. I know fags are dumb and fags know fags are dumb, but one day, a fag may arise from amongst the lowest faggot hoards that is more useful than the rest, a fag to outshine all other fags. Until that day, I shall continue to have my fun, tormenting, torturing and abusing fags in weird and wonderful challenges.

If you think you have ways to do the try not to cum challenge, and they involve new ways to edge, then reach out and tell me, I am always interested in what new faggots have to say. Until next time, go be useful, faggots.

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