What Are Owned Fags

Owned fags
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What Are Faggots That Are Owned?

Owned fags are faggots that have realised that resistance to Alpha males is futile. I say faggots that have “realised” very lightly because a fag can never really make a decision or make its mind up about serving, its too dumb for thinking, so the best it can do is chance upon the fact that it’s a fag and that ownership is the only route through its life. Sometimes it even takes time for a fag to realise that it’s a fag, and the journey can be a slow and arduous one through its life. Some fags realise very young that they are best owned by an Alpha, and others take a lifetime of trying to make something of themselves, only to realise in old age that all they ever were, was slaves to greater Alpha men.

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Being An Owned Fag

Being an owned fag is a state of mind as much as it’s a physical state. The fag must first know in its head that it is lesser then other men, lesser then real Alpha men. Most fags, subs, will know that they are less in many areas, but only the rare ones will realise that they are less in all things. “Owned” is a place inside the fag’s head where it finally switches off any last remnants of control and decision making and hands over all power and authority to its Master Alpha. At this stage, its fully an object left to the will of its Alpha Master.

Owned fags come from all parts of society, there is no class or specific background that dictates a person will be susceptible to being an owned faggot. An owned fag can emerge from any part of society. I currently have 2 devoted owned fags that are in ownership by me. 1 of them sits in the COP mode and the other sits in the POP mode, both modes are described below. Outside of these 2 fags in programmes with me, I have many other fags in variations of these programmes, and undergoing training at various stages of their development.


Complete Ownership Plan

COP is where I make all the decisions for these fags. These fags get a menu to follow in terms of their eating and overall dietary schedule, they get a social calendar diary which allocates time spent with family and friends outside of my influence and also a physical and online cashbook to account for all money spent and saved from all monies earned. In this type of ownership model, I dictate everything that the faggot experiences. This level of fag ownership is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly as it could result in the complete ruin of the fag, or destruction of the relationship and hence a breakdown in the natural order. If either of these were to occur it would be my fault for not having recognised to what level I can bend the faggot before it breaks. The COP model is not for all Alphas or all faggots.

Partial Ownership Plan

POP is where I decide which of the fags uses, I will extract, and what I will leave the faggot to stumble through by itself. POP works really well for most fags out there, as it gives the fag some semblance of its original broken life to fall back into when its not taking commands from me. Most married fags and faggots in relationships with men and women will fall into the POP model as it will fit into their lives, with a hope one day to progress to the COP model.

Outside of these 2 modes of ownership operation, you can build relationships in any format that works, and often an Alpha faggot relationship is more loving and suggestive of equality which is entirely to the Alphas needs. In my scenario there is certainly no loving relationship as the fag is an object and must be utilised accordingly and then discarded.

As you can see there are many ways to manage fags as owned fags. In subsequent posts I will explore further the deeper dimensions of the owned faggot mindset.

Another area to discuss if you want to understand the depths of the faggot mindset is the concept of Unowned fags which I discuss here

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