What Does Fag Mean

What Does Fag Mean
Master Mikey @ FagLife.com

Fag Means

Fag is a beautiful word, and the basis of my entire website. My love of fags and all that they stand, and fall for, is my world, in faglife.com . If it was not for fags all around the world and the passion with which they love to suck cock and worship Alpha Masters like me, then there would be no faglife.com and the word fag would mean absolutely nothing. Its because faggots all round the world worship me, that the word fag means so much.

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At its core the word fag means a submissive creature, a worshipper of men, great men like me, Master Mikey. At this base level a fag is a servant to Masters, and lives only to serve and get better at serving each day that passes. A fag’s passion and life force are to give and be useful to its Master. A serving faggot is a happy faggot, and that is why I work those fags so hard to the bone, to ensure that they are fulfilling their purpose on this planet.

Vocabulary Fag Definition

Vocabulary.com states that fag or faggot is an offensive term, and it’s a term that is directed offensively at homosexuals. That is a pretty direct and simple definition. Vocabulary.com points out that it’s a word to be avoided and all costs and not one that should be put into any sentence. Some of the other terms that this website uses are that fag is a hateful slur, and that its negative all the way through, and therefore has no place in modern society. I would disagree with that, and so would millions of fag’s around the world, but each to their own.

Urban Dictionary Fag Meaning

Urban dictionary keeps the definition of fag very simple and as usual reads more like content created by drunk people rather than academics or thought leaders. According to urban dictionary, a fag is just a British word for cigarette. This is of course true but fag is also a word used for gay people, but here they state that fag is actually an American slang term for gays or homosexuals. Amusingly someone has also defined a fag as anyone that rides a Harley…. Hahaha... not true as I love Harleys and Harleys riders… but it’s worth a giggle anyway.

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Faggot Slang Defined By Wikipedia

Wikipedia defines Fag as the shortened version of the word faggot, which is correct. As you can imagine Wikipedia then defines fag as a usually pejorative which is used for gays and boys which is true in some sense, but this is such a delicate and divided topic that defining it this way is difficult. The usage of the word fag is described as overly negative and mostly as an Americanism for effeminate men.

Fag Definition By BritishSlang.co.uk

This website chooses to ignore the sexual definition of the term fag and entirely concentrates on the fact that in Britain and amongst British people the word fag is primarily used for cigarettes, although in modern times, the word fag in the UK has a clearly sexual and homosexual meaning. Its commonly known that fag means a gay or homosexual person, although this website chooses to sidestep that topic.


Defining The Word Fag

Looking at the various ways that the word fag is defined on the internet and by the usual 1st page google results shows that actually most websites choose to define fag and faggot negatively. It’s almost fashionable alongside modern discussions to state the fag topic is a negative one. However, there is a fag empowerment movement which is also at work, just not represented on the 1st page of google. FagLife.com is part of that fag empowerment movement because I and many others believe that fags have a valuable place at the bottom of a power hierarchy. Fags mean something to all the Alphas and Masters that they submit themselves too. Fags have a purpose which they choose to live up to. Fags are not just worthless in every sense, they are worthless in most senses, but as a tool for the enjoyment of their Masters, Fags are also important.

Fag Means So Much

Fag means servant to greater Alpha Men

Fags means to be a great cocksucker, and you can read about Cocksuckers here

Fag means tool to be used and abused by Masters, which you can read about in Fag Abused

Fag means hole to be fucked and enjoyed as and when needed by Real Men

What does Fag mean to you?

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Fag Means So Many Things