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The Age Old Question, What Is A Glory Hole?

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What is a glory hole?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

A glory hole is a literal hole in a wall. The glory hole can be between rooms, or cubicles. One person stands on one side of the hole and the other person stands on the other side of the hole, and through the hole they pleasure each other sexually. Its that simple! 

A glory hole is used for having anonymous conversation free sex, usually in a public place like a rest room, car park (also called dogging) or bar, anywhere that 2 people can anonymously have sex. In the gay community a glory hole is used by faggots to allow others to use them, because the thrill of being used by real men drives fags wild. Glory holes are not exclusively for gay men or fetish pleasure seekers, its also popular with horny women who want the ease of being fucked by lots of men and not having to have conversations with them, they just want the sex. 

Glory holes are a delightful sexual fetish enjoyed by so many adventurous people around the world, and its one that I have tried only once, where I was the cock hanging through the hole, and on the other side was a fag dying to worship and suck my cock. I will admit I vetted the faggot before putting my cock through the glory hole, so it was not anonymous, but it was still just as exciting. A bug thumbs up for glory hole fun. 

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