What Is Gooning

What is gooning
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Gooning is the act of sexual stimulation, most often masturbating, to the point that you go into a cycle of edge and deny, until it gets harder and harder to stop yourself cumming. The final purpose of gooning is to enjoy this repeated cycle of edge and deny where the strength of the eventual orgasm is dictated by the duration of the gooning. Its entirely possible for some individuals to goon for hours or even days before they allow themselves to orgasm. Gooning for hours will lead you to achieve strong orgasms, but gooning for a full day will blow the top off you leading to body convulsing orgasms and that all familiar goon face. I talk about goon face below and describe it in detail in my about one of my fags gooning for me in my office, which you can read by clicking in Gooning.

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What Does Gooning Mean To Fags

My focus is always fags and subs and twinks and femboys, which is why I am driven to having my fag’s goon hard for me. For so many fags I know, gooning means to sexually stimulate itself into an exhausted edged state for its Master and just keep itself hanging there. These fags will continually reach to the edge and then allow a subsidence to control the orgasm. I love when faggots edge and enjoy gooning for me, I love that these cunts will take themselves beyond what they think is possible to please me. I have edged a fag to the point that its face literally turns sideways in contortion and exhaustion from the pressure build-up its experiencing in its boi pussy. I have also done this to female subs, where I can take them so far to the edge and hang them over the climax cliff, that their pussy aches from the pressure.

All the fags I know love gooning in one form or another, because it means they can spend days serving and worshiping me. Some of these fag cunts will want to enjoy the gooning but I always remind them that this is a worship in honour of me. Fags should focus entirely on me, and in doing so, they will be aroused to a bursting point. However, I normally edge faggots for hours if not days, so with no release possible or allowed by me, some of my fags can go an entire week being edged in service to me. This level of gooning and edging can lead some fags into overload and mental breakdown.  

Gooning means the world to a faggot that wants to love and worship its Master. It can serve, edge, serve, edge and keep that going until its Master finds a suitable time or reason why the faggot should be allowed to release all that pent up pressure in its boi clit. Some Masters can even keep the fag in permanent edging by using chastity cages and cock restraints to further restrict and amplify the gooning.

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Goon Face

Goon face is just a brilliant description of what happens to a faggots face when it’s been under hours and days of arousal pressure. In this highly charged sexual state the individual will typically have a stupid “goon” face with eyes crossed and tongue hanging out like an exhausted dog after a long walk. The goon face is a result of sexual over stimulation. The face is one of total mental and physical exhaustion, and I know my job has been done well when I see a stupid dumb faggot goon face. I try my best to slap the faggot a few times across its face if I can. The goon face is such a sign of perfection, and all Masters that have faggots that goon for them will take great pride in showing that dumb moronic face off. I have even considered making a gallery of goon faces from all the faggots that goon over me. I would take the pictures as they are gooning for me, amid all their pain and anguish hahaha, little faggot bitches.

Gooning Porn

Fags love gooning so much that gooning porn is now a thing, just endless videos of fags jerking off their tiny little broken cocks. If you go on any of the popular porn sites, you will find gooning porn everywhere. I think gooning porn is a bad substitute for the controlling hand of a Master around a faggot’s throat, forcing it to goon for him. Fags need to be controlled and managed to be useful, and I have made this point a hundred times, and I will make it a hundred times more, a faggot without a use and a purpose is waste material. So the least a fag can do is goon over its Master and not random porn clips.

Sissy Gooning

Sissy gooning is also very popular because sissy’s, love to get dressed up for their Masters and then jerk themselves into oblivion. If you enjoy sissy fags then you will love sissy gooning. There is something quite rare and enjoyable about a sexy sissy, touching itself until its edging and then drawing back to agony and then back again. If you are a sissy, then try it, edge yourself right to the edge, but stop and draw back, think upon your Masters face and then finger your boi clit and begin again, and repeat that process until you have edged 50 times, no matter how long that process takes. Keep edging and edging until you can bear it no more, and then put on your best dress and heels for the final cum release.

Gooning Is Love

Gooning is love and worship in its best form. When a faggot goons for me, it is really showing me in physical form that its giving itself entirely to the worship of ME, the Master. It is edging itself to the hope of me, to the smell of me, to the memories of me fucking it. I am its source of pleasure and pain. When that faggot gets itself into the broken mentally detached head state of a long goon session, then its reaching out into the depths of what it is to be a faggot that worships with all of its being. I personally love watching the agony gooning causes.

So final message for all you faggot’s , I expect you to goon over me, so get on with it, then share and enjoy my content. If you want to see what I can do, read Gooning for Master Mikey

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