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Willing Slave Fags
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Fags Question

I'm a fag and I want to be a slave fag, its my greatest fantasy, how do I submit to being a willing slave fag?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

Slave fags are romanticized way too much in the current climate, and its become a topic of discussion in BDSM clubs and online forums alike. Being a slave fag, and a willing slave fag is a real dedication of your life in this fetish direction, most people cannot devote the time and effort and money required to being this level of faggot slave. 

Giving your life to the service of a Master is a fulltime task , and some fags manage to do this in part by being financial slaves and in contact with their Master daily, but others want more, and the extreme want to be live-in slaves, which is an area that not all Masters cater for. I have experienced willing slave fags that want to move in with me. I have never allowed it long term but have had a willing slave live in as a household cleaner for a few days, until I could not stand the look of it, and then told it to go home. 

Having a full time willing slave fag is a hard task for both Master and fag and I do not recommend it for most people. If you are a Master that has considerable wealth and a household team around you that could in your absence monitor the fag on your premises, then it becomes an option, but its a very difficult compromise to juggle for most people. 

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Trained To Be A Willing Slave Fag

Training is the key, the will of the slave fag is a stepping stone in the right direction, but then weeks and months of training are required to make that willing slave fag be a useful slave fag. 

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