Young Alpha Bully Rises

Alpha Bully Rises
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There is an evolution to the rise of any Alpha male. The Alpha is born and bred a certain way or life circumstances force its hand to go in a direction.

Nursery Dominance

At nursery I was always taking the children’s toys, no matter how much bigger than me they were, I just had no concept of size or strength difference. If I saw something I wanted, I just took it. This all meant that my mother was regularly called into school. I would then get told off at home and sent to bed without any dinner. I was resourceful and resilient even at that stage, always looking for ways to get my own way in life.

Primary School Alpha Dynamics

As early as primary and secondary school I was displaying boisterous and violent tendencies. I was an average sized kid for my age, but I carried a level of aggression which was unmatched by any of the other children across the school. Some part of this aggression was related to a family tragedy that had befallen my family when I was 3 years old and the rest was just pure instinct and nature at play.

In primary school I would sit next to a boy called Jason, and Jason was a big strong boy for his age and would regularly use his strength to wrestle kids to the ground and make fun of them. Whenever I sat next to him, he would spend the day poking me and threatening me with a beating. One day Jason thought he would poke me in the eye, and he told me to look at something outside the window, and I did, but then he positioned his finger next to my cheek so that when I would turn back and say there was nothing there, I would be jokingly impaled on his finger. He performed his little stunt and I was suitably impaled on his finger like a fool. This was the first time in my young life that I saw red rage rising inside me. It was like a bubbling furnace and then it blew and I grabbed a stapler and stamped a staple down into his thigh, which led him to scream with pain. The teacher rushed over, and I was taking to the headmaster. My mother was called and I was expelled for a day. I came back 2 days later and now the mood had changed. The other kids looked at me differently, in a way I liked, they feared me.

I saw Jason a few days later and I walked up to him and said in a voice I mimicked from a cartoon I had been watching, “I own you bitch, and you’re going to do whatever I say” and then I walked off. The mood was set for the rest of my school years.


Alpha Master In High School

In High school I would take whatever I wanted and often got into fights to reaffirm my dominance over the other boys and girls. I had girlfriends early and enjoyed them thoroughly.

I also knew there was a cruel side to me, quite early. One guy that wanted to be my friend, and would follow me around was the first to get my attention. I would have this boy follow me around the school carrying my books, and every so often I would turn to grab him, give him a wedgie and then laugh at him, this went on for weeks. I often wondered why this boy followed me around, even when I tortured him, but I never gave it enough thought to realise that it was cruel evil behaviour, instead I enjoyed being the Alpha and making others laugh at this kids expense. I tortured that kid mentally and physically in ways I care not to think about, horrible things that should never be mentioned again, but still that kid kept coming back to me, as though I would a magnet for him.

I found this feature of my life repeat itself again and again throughout my high school and heading into my college years. I would abuse, mentally and physically torture guys and girls, and yet they would be attracted to me through some ethereal magnetism, as though they could not stay away. The more I beat them, the more I insulted and drew attention to their weaknesses and inadequacies, or looks and intelligence, the more they squirmed and drew closer to me. I had one boy that I used to just punch on the arm, and because he would never fight back, but instead try to deal with me through laughter as though my torture had no effect on him, I just continued and ramped up my efforts. By the end of the year, I was taking running jumps at him to make sure he felt pain, even if he laughed it off. I was a true Alpha CUNT! And I knew it, and I loved it.

Alpha Power Through The Ages

By the time I was heading into my college years, I was daily abusing and using about 20 of the lads, and 10 of the girls, and whatever I did, they kept coming back for more. I never had to stalk them or chase them; they would come looking for me. I justified it to myself then by looking at them as lesser beings, and I considered that to be their truth, but as the years rolled on, I realised it to be a universal truth, the strong will rise and the weak shall fall. I realised that the weak, those that I now know to be the fags of the world are drawn to the power of the Alpha as the moth is drawn to the light that kills it.

In those early years, wearing my school uniform, I caused pain and suffering, joy and ecstasy in all that came into my orbit.

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