A Faggots True Worth

Faggots Worth
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Fags Delight

Your phone rings, its 11pm Friday night, who could it be, you answer it and hear a gruff deep voice “hello boy, the mall, second floor, restrooms on the right” and the phone goes dead. You know who it was, the voice was familiar, excitement and fear stir deep down in your belly. You pretend to consider whether to go or not, knowing full well you have no choice in the matter. Minutes later your dressed and heading to the car, you turn and head back in, you haven’t douched, you know your Master is demanding. Speeding towards the mall your erection grows inside your pants and you salivate thinking of being ravished by the Master. Your freshly washed and shaved smooth fag cock pressed against a cold zipper hurts a little, but not as much as the shame inside for allowing this Master to ravish you again. It’s been 18 months and you don’t even know his name, but you still allow him to take anything he wants from your fag body and mind, whenever he calls.

Inside the Mall, you run across the floor towards the escalator, knowing your fate, getting breathless with excitement, there are so few people around and so few shops still open at this time. The cleaners are making their rounds already and the smell of detergent is in the air. You arrive at the restroom door, and stop to catch your breath, it’s an automatic door and it opens before you have fully caught your breath and your forced to enter huffing. Inside there is silence, and no one there. All the stall doors are open and there seems to be no one there. You tiptoe forward peering into each of the stalls, the thought crosses your mind... “have I got the wrong restroom” then you hear a door open, and afraid to turn, you stop, a large hand comes to rest on your shoulder… “shhhhh” you hear in your ear as the breath of someone bigger than you blows down on your neck. Then the hand on the shoulder leads you forward to a stall, and your feeling like your being pushed in, but you go, hesitant, excited, entering the stall you are being pushed further and further, but there is no further to go, and then the hand starts to fold you over and push your head down, you bend to accommodate, and then you stop… more footsteps, and then a familiar smell wafts into your nostrils, its your Masters aftershave, but if that is your Master, who is this holding you bent over in the stall… you ask.. “Who are you?”  Your Master speaks out “This is my friend, little faggot, and he is here to enjoy you today, as well as me, and he loves to get really dirty... how dirty can you get little piggy slut?”  “Oink oink oink” they start making noises at the same time.

Faggot Taunted By Alphas

The pig noises ring in your ears as they laugh at you, you are still bent over, so you get increasingly worried, this has never happened before, but the excitement still overrides the moment, and you ask “how can I please you Masters?” you hear the unzipping of the new Masters leather jeans, and a smell erupts as though he has been spraying aftershave onto his cock and balls... You are still looking down... hands on your neck. “Lick the toilet seat faggot!! use the flat of your tongue to go round and round the toilet bowl, good boy” you have never done this before, but in the madness of the moment you obey, and start to lick the toilet seat, lapping like a dog around and around the seat, up and around the ridges, over the attachment bolts, and around the top... you lap the toilet seat in a frenzy of exhilaration and shame, then you feel a tug on your collar, “you are a real filthy little piggy aren’t you fag slut?” “Open your mouth…”   a light is shone into your eyes as your head is turned and it blinds you… you feel a slap across your face... and your told to open your mouth again... you open it obediently… you hear the 2 Masters honking their throats and then spitting into your mouth. Then you feel another slap and are told to swallow the spit... then your face is pushed back down to the toilet seat... “now lick the bowl” … you hear one of them say and tears and snot and spit stream down your face… but again you observe the command, hoping to please your Master and this new Master… you hear another zip going down and then you feel a huge tug at your waist as your hoisted up into the air, hands run over your body as your shoes are ripped off and thrown over the stall, and then your pants follow and your boxers are torn from you.


Faggot Fucked

Your face is looking at the ceiling so you cannot see the Masters, but you can hear their voices… stripped naked you are brought back to the stall floor, and like a mother putting a baby onto a changing mat, your stretched over the toilet cistern with your mouth and face pressed into the wall and your ass yanked out over the toilet seat, lots of yanking and manoeuvring and you feel the warm steely hardness of a Masters cock pressing against your asshole… then the sound of spitting as you feel yourself getting wet. Your freshly shaved balls are admired by one of the Masters who runs a thick finger around your scrotum, laughing at their size as he pushes one ball into the other... like a giant pressing and moving peas in a peapod. Then you feel pressure as the Master starts to push into you, the pain is excruciating at first, as this Masters helmet is much wider and thicker and fuller then your Masters, so getting past your anal seal is proving difficult… you hear your Master laughing at how tight you are… he leans over and spits more onto your ass and then you hear him say…

”fuck this faggot, and if it breaks , it breaks.. there is more where this came from..so hurry up..”

at that moment you feel pain like you have never felt before and disgust with yourself like nothing in the last 18 months with this Master, or ever before in your life... you realise your just an object, worthless. Your safety and your health are irrelevant to this Master and his friend, they don’t care about you in any form, your nothing to them... and you heard it said right into your face as though you were not even there... there are more like you where you came from…. Tears fill your eyes as his cock plunges into you... and you yelp ... screaming out to your Master… but all you hear in return is his hysterical laughter… a deadness begins in your belly… your numb with pain and disgust… humiliated... you look down between your legs as he rides his cock in and out of your asshole...the continuous pressure on your P spot has made you hard as a rock, and now even your cock betrays you.. validating his fucking of your asshole…suddenly the tears stop, and a moment of clarity amongst this hard cunting.

Faggots Clarity

You are a fag, and you are worthless, this is what happens to cunts like you, and this is what Alphas like your Master and the other do, this is what they were born to do, cunt little faggots like you, breed you until your full with their seed. Your eyes dry now, and you feel the changing of guards as your Master raggedly climbs on top of your hips and starts to ram his cock into you, your body shaking from the cunting, you go with it. Then you feel hands on your hair as your dragged around to face the stall door, and your head tilted up enough to slide a thick cock into your mouth…your now skewered between them, a piece of meat being spit roasted violently. Your body goes limp with numbness and pleasure, the sting in your ego only matched by the sting in your asshole…your mind drifts as a calmness descends across your face…. you are now at peace... you are where you were supposed to be. Mouth and throat being bred like a champion cockpocket, asshole being rode like a race winning stallion, you’re a faggot, and you love every moment of this. The realisation inside you, you’re an object of fucking, not desire… you have no need to worry about impressing anybody, your just there to be used and discarded, you hear the grunting increase pace, and your body shakes violently as your pulled between two stallions tearing at your flesh, throat and ass being drilled.

Discarding The Faggot

The frenzy ends with a gushing of cum drenching you from both sides, your breeding is complete, the cum streaking across your thighs and out of your asshole and mouth prove it. You slump down onto the stall floor as they dress and pull up their jeans, you hear them murmuring about a janitor as they hurry, stepping on you as they pull the stall door inwards to open it... then walk over you to exit. You can hear your master pulling sheets of toilet roll out of the other stall and wiping the cum off his jeans and shoes, and then as a final insult, he turns to you and throws those dirty cum covered toilet tissues onto your face as you lie there on the piss and cum drenched stall floor.

Silence creeps up on you as you lie there, smiling, warm and cum covered, the feeling of having pleased somebody only broken by the tannoy announcement “The Mall is closing, can all shoppers please make their way to the tills”

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