Safety & Consenting Non-Consent

Safety & Consenting Non Consent
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Safety Online

It’s very important to realise that safety comes first in every situation. Safety is especially important when dealing with adult themes, words and scenarios as vividly described in this website.

This website is strictly for adults only. deals with topics that are enjoyed by adults as a form of adult roleplay amongst the safe confines of willing and consenting adults. Willing and consenting are the key important words, as all the fags and alphas mentioned in this website are fully consenting adults making decisions of their own free will.

Social Media Platforms And Messaging

I have open messaging enabled across all my social media platforms to make it easy for adults to reach me. So if you are messaging to tell me what you think of the content, that is fine, and if you want to pat me on the back, that is fine also. However if you are messaging me dirty messages for the sake of getting yourself off, then you will find me to be very short and sharp with you. I DO NOT have conversations of a sexual nature on the public messaging systems because there is no way to verify that I am talking to an adult. So if you want to have adult conversations with me, I would love that, but it will be on the following, where you can message and call etc, click below to chat now to me. I am online 24/7. 

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I know that many of you will consider it an abomination that it would be a chargeable text or phone service with Niteflirt, because of course, you go to work and don't expect to get paid a penny. For all the fags that think this way, you can find yourself many other reckless Masters on the social media platforms who will be happy to talk to you without verifying your age and for free. PS. While you look for those freebie Masters, you can still read and enjoy and jerk off to all the free material I provide here. Your welcome. 

Consenting Non-Consent (CNC)

CNC is a term that is often used in the BDSM world for any activity where the roleplay involves having no consent. The consent for the roleplay is agreed in advance to allow the roleplay. Hence this is termed as consenting non-consent or CNC. A good example of CNC is rape play where the objective or fantasy of the individual is to be raped or have all control taken within a rape scenario.

You will see many examples on this website of CNC and it’s a key component of all play discussed.

Safe Words And Their Importance

Safe words are valuable tools in all sexual play, and prevent any misunderstandings or inappropriate incidents from occurring. has a firm stance on the use of safe words and their importance specifically in BDSM and fetish play. Safe words should be discussed openly and agreed clearly by all parties, before engaging in any BDSM fetish play. And Fetish Play is written by Master Mikey and is a personal account of his experience in the BDSM world. All descriptions and events are based on events and situations experienced by Master Mikey. The purpose of this website is entertainment, and the recollection of life experience stories serves as a tool to allow others to enjoy and fetishize themes such as fags, alphas, faggotry, sissy , femboys and many other forms of fetish play.

BDSM And Strangers

This website does not encourage BDSM play with strangers. BDSM play requires consent and huge levels of trust and honesty to be safe and pleasurable. Trying BDSM play or any fetish play with strangers would be fraught with so many areas of concern that no honest person could suggest or encourage it. suggests that if you as an adult, choose to delve into the amazing world of fetish play and BDSM, that the best place to do so would be through organised well-known websites or physical clubs where you can meet strangers in safe environments, allowing you to develop the appropriate trust framework and security before embarking upon BDSM adventures. Is NOT

This website is not an instruction manual to be followed.

This website is not prescriptive about how individuals should conduct themselves in a fetish lifestyle. Is

This website is an expression of one adult’s sexual desires and fetish play in written form. All situations described have been with consenting adults in consenting scenarios. This website does explore topics which sit at the extremes of a fundamentally free and open society, and one where individuals can live in any way they choose as long as they bring no harm to others.

Final word

"No animals were harmed during the making of this website, but a few fags might have been…. Only joking!!!!"

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