Tribute Master Mikey

Tribute Master Mikey
By Master Mikey @

Tribute Me Cash Sluts

Do not hesitate, it’s your need and your role to tribute and serve me. You’re a cash pig, cash slut, Human ATM or some other type of deviant and you need to serve…so serve me. 

Handing Cash To Me

It’s a service and an honour for you to hand me your hard-earned cash. It’s a privilege for you to be able to give to me. The money you earned through your hard work, sweat and toil, just being handed to me, so that I can enjoy myself. You can work hard all day at your job, just to earn enough money to live, and then hand it all over to me, disappointing your family and friends. Leaving everyone in your life asking why you are always so broke. 

Tribute Values For Cashpigs

Tribute $5 Tribute $5  Tribute $9.99 Tribute $9.99 
Tribute $19.99 Tribute $19.99  Tribute $49.99 Tribute $49.99 
Tribute $99.99 Tribute $99.99  Tribute $149.99 Tribute $149.99 
Tribute $249.99 Tribute $249.99  Tribute $449.99 Tribute $449.99 
Tribute $749.99 Tribute $749.99  Tribute $999.99 Tribute $999.99 


Tribute $5 To Master Mikey

A $5 tribute to me buys a cup of coffee. All I can say is that this is a ridiculously low level of tribute, almost an insult, so if you are going to tribute $5 then make sure it’s a regular tribute. It will lose you a coffee a day and buy me a coffee a day. Any one of you dirty little cashpigs can serve at this level, there is no excuses and I will not accept any. So, get this done, and then send me a message. 

Tribute $9.99 To Master Mikey

A $9.99 tribute will buy me a sandwich for lunch, a small sandwich. The least a filthy paypig like you can do is take this out of your pocket and put it aside for me. You can go without lunch on any day of the week to ensure your Master, Master Mikey gets a sandwich, or a drink. You will do it, and then send me a message telling me what you have done. Do not make excuses, its possible for every one of your out there to sacrifice a little of yourself for me, its important that you learn to sacrifice and give to me.

Tribute $19.99 To Master Mikey

A $19.99 tribute will buy me a small lunch and a drink, but alone. So, you cashpigs expect me to lunch alone, sit alone, when I have so many of you paypigs waiting to serve me with more then your money. Each and every one of your paysluts for happily get down on your knees and hand me all your money and your having to think twice about a £19.99 tribute to me. You need to rethink your life priorities, because they are clearly not in the right place. You need to remember my place at the centre of your life and send me $19.99. Come on do it, no excuses. 

Tribute $49.99 To Master Mikey

A $49.99 tribute will begin to get you noticed by me. This tribute means you value my time. It is still a starting point, but for the sake of building a working relationship where I the Master can enjoy draining you the cashpigs, this is the right level to start off. I will enjoy taking $49.99 from you to start with and then onwards. By starting with a $49.99 tribute, you are showing me that you are a paypig of some dignity. Come forth and show me what you have. I look forward to take money from you cashpig.

Tribute $99.99 To Master Mikey

A $99.99 tribute is you being a useful cashpig. I can take a fuckbuddy out to a nice lunch, knowing that you have paid for it. I can enjoy eating and having a drink and its on your bill. You will pay for me to enjoy myself, and you will do it because I am truly your Master and you are my cashfag. I expect you to look at my receipts at this point, so you can see me spending your money on my life. You are definitely on my radar for being exploited more when you tribute $99.99. Continue and lets see if we can raise your game and take you to the next level faggot.

Tribute $149.99 To Master Mikey

A $149.99 tribute is a nice small gift for me. I will enjoy buying something new, and showing it to you, because I deserve that kind of treatment, and you don’t. Your cash is so much better in my pocket, and with $149.99 I can show you something worth looking at, or I could just spend it on a nicer lunch with friends. When you send me $149.99 I will take pictures of receipts to boast to you, and show you how worthless you are. You will get hard just thinking about spending on me, because its your purpose in life, so perfect for you. 

Tribute $249.99 To Master Mikey

A $249.99 tribute to me will put a small smirk on my face. Yes I will know that you are now beginning to find your way into this game and this life journey. You are now truly on the road to a service which I consider valuable. You are not just a dirty faggot, you are a useful dirty faggot that I can play with. You clearly do know the value of my time and expertise as a faggot trainer and Master of fags subs and sissys. I will take your cash out and place it on the table and take a picture so you can physically see it sitting in my house…. Yes your cash in my house, on my table, ready to be spent by me. Good faggot, keep going. 

Tribute $449.99 To Master Mikey

A $449.99 tribute gets you started on the high rollers journey. At this level your now identified as a Bronze Cashpig. As a bronze level cashpig you deserve some more draining attention. I will give you personal drains over electronic means, because you have demonstrated that you are truly worth my time and are willing to work on developing yourself, your weak self with my instruction. Your still a cashfag bitch, but at least your now spending to get your development moving and your owning the fact that you’re a paypig with only 1 purpose in life, which is to serve me. I can work with you and take you to new dizzying heights of cashrape and drain. 

Tribute $749.99 To Master Mikey

A $749.99 tribute labels you a Silver Cashpig. Silver cashpigs are some of my favourite pigs because they know exactly why they are here. They know their place and that everything earned is best handed to a Master like me. You will have spent time earning my time, and you will know exactly what I like and don’t like, so your money and gifts will be used to make my life better everyday. You will have earned my attention, and I will be paying more attention to you because you are paying for me to live the good life, the expensive life, the life I deserve and the life you owe me. You will be rewarded with regular drains and contact as I allow you to cum giving to me. Your sexual releases will be important to me so that I can keep you on the edge and behaving the right way to serve me. You are nearly there , and the next step is the ultimate for you. Work to earn the top badge. 

Tribute $999.99 To Master Mikey

A tribute of $999.99 makes you a Gold Cashpig and the top of the cashpig tree. At this stage you are a top paypig, and deserve my attention fully. I will have time to listen to your bullshit comments, and your unimportant opinions, because you have purchased my time and attention. You know full well at this level that you are a pig in a pen, my pen. You will be assigned tasks and regular drain sessions. Draining and keeping you at a optimum level will be important to me. As a Golden Cashpig, keeping you milking is important, and health and fitness come into play at this stage. You clearly know how important I am as the Master, so you will be made a part of my life regime. Keeping me in good health will always be more important then you, but keeping you with a constantly drained pocket, edging and gooning will also be really important for this level of relationship.  

As a Gold Cashpig, there are many other special interest perks which are not to be publicly mentioned and only Cashpigs that achieve this level will find out what they are. Work hard little piggy's to reach this pinnacle of the paypig pyramid. Earn your way into my good books. 

Tribute Values To Be A Paypig

Tribute $5 Tribute $5  Tribute $9.99 Tribute $9.99 
Tribute $19.99 Tribute $19.99  Tribute $49.99 Tribute $49.99 
Tribute $99.99 Tribute $99.99  Tribute $149.99 Tribute $149.99 
Tribute $249.99 Tribute $249.99  Tribute $449.99 Tribute $449.99 
Tribute $749.99 Tribute $749.99  Tribute $999.99 Tribute $999.99 


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