Master Mikeys Alpha Answers

Master Mikeys Alpha Answers
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Master Mikey Answers Everything For You

The purpose of this post is to answer all those short form quick questions that you faggots have in your minds, things you need answered quickly and simply. This is not long form, simple quick answers to stupid fag questions. I know many of you are thinking about them, and it hurts you not to have the right path laid out for you, but don't worry, Master Mikey is here to save the day.


Alpha Answers

Alpha answers are the only answers that are important, because they are natural and complete. When an Alpha Master like Master Mikey gives you an answer, you can rely on it to be the right answer. Stop wasting your time searching the internet forums for the truth, its right here, in an easily digestible format for your dumb fucking brain. As you can imagine, the questions are endless, so this list will be a work in progress until all fag questions are answered...all questions answered are compiled from Realtime meetings, online questions, tweets and DM's and questions asked of me and answered by me in the last several years.

So, if you are a fag with a question, connect with me on Twitter, follow me @MikeyLiveChat and pose the question you have. I love to make a faggots life better, so step up faggots.



Fag Questions And Alpha Answers About Everything In The Fag Universe

    1. I am a hairy faggot, do Masters like this?
    2. What is a Glory hole?
    3. Do straight guys suck cock?
    4. Master is always angry, does he hate me?
    5. Should I swallow at a Glory hole?
    6. How can I learn to be a submissive? 
    7. I am a fuck hole for Master, but I want more?
    8. Should I let the Master know I'm a broke cashfag?
    9. I am a fag but cannot stand sucking cock?
    10. Love being a fag but anal is too painful?
    11. I love sucking straight guy cock, am I ruining good men?
    12. Gay sub bottom but in my head I am an Alpha, help?
    13. I am a Gay Cocksucker, am I also a faggot?
    14. How do I suck cock like a good sissy?
    15. I love watching guys getting fisted, am I a freak?
    16. As a faggot should I always kneel for a Master?
    17. All Masters think I am a Human ATM, but I am not that rich, help?
    18. I'm a fag but love straight men, is this right?
    19. I like being forced to suck cock, is it normal?
    20. I want to serve, but its not natural to me, how can I learn?
    21. Master always wants to go from my Ass to Mouth?
    22. My husband beats me and I like it, am I dumb?
    23. I want to be used all the time, am I a fag?
    24. Can I be a Finsub and enjoy Findom without paying?
    25. Should I tell Masters that I never douche my pussy out?
    26. Is Alpha cum a superfood?
    27. I think I am a foot fag, how do I tell my boyfriend?
    28. As a fag should I ever refuse a Master?
    29. I love Alphas pegging my holes, does that make me a faggot?
    30. As a fag why do I always feel more horny at Christmas?
    31. I love eating ass, does that mean I am a Scat freak?
    32. I'm a straight dude that likes blowjobs, fags are a great release, but they all get attached, where can I find the heartless fag cunts? 
    33. I feel inferior to all men, what's wrong with me?
    34. I love piss, on me, over me, in me, what's wrong with me?
    35. As a fag, what can I expect from Masters?
    36. Why do fags hate Christmas? 
    37. I am a fag, how can I prove it to a new Master?
    38. Are fag blowjobs better then a woman's?
    39. I want to offer my fag pussy to a straight guy, should I?
    40. I have served a Master, but HE is taking huge risks with me, what should I do?
    41. My Alpha Master wants to fuck everyday, I can't keep up or clean, help?
    42. I have noticed the more I get fucked, the more my fag pussy changes into looking like a real pussy, am I just hallucinating?
    43. My 19 year old neighbour is a hunk and I want to fuck him, but he's my neighbours kid! Should I?  
    44. I love to guzzle cum, am I a freak? Is it normal?
    45. My gay boyfriend keeps talking about training me, what the fuck is he on?
    46. Dominant teen Alpha is forcing me to get him a credit card, should I?
    47. I have fallen for a straight guy at work, but he doesn't know I am a fag
    48. I am a Fag and want to be in a couple relationship, do fag couples exist?
    49. Fag for my Gay boyfriend until I found out he was a fag too ! 
    50. I am an Indian fag and my culture prevents me from living faglife !
    51. Been a fag for 10 years and my fag clit has shrunk by 2 inches, is that normal?
    52. Is there a limit to how much beating a fag should take from an Alpha?
    53. Every Alpha I meet treats me like a Paypig, uses me for cash, but I'm not a paypig!
    54. Why do fags love BBC (Big Black Cock) so much?
    55. I watched a fag being fisted and now I want that but my domme BF doesn't !
    56. I have a tiny cock, but is that what makes me a fag?
    57. What is so special about Chastity cages for fags?
    58. BBC is fashionable, but actually I love big white cock, am I alone?
    59. Neighbours wife is blackmailing me because she found out I'm a faggot!
    60. Every time I see a cock, I fall into a trance, drool and ruin myself, what's wrong with me?
    61. I served a straight guy for 12 years and now he seems bored and uninterested, is this over?
    62. One of my Alphas is constantly cashraping me, its getting tiring, how do I change this?
    63. I am a Paypig and love giving to you, but what do you get other then cash from us paypigs?
    64. I have never served Realtime, can I ever be a true faggot behind my computer screen?
    65. My wife humiliates me in public and shows off my tiny cock? I am not a cuck, help me?
    66. They called me fag in college and now I'm fat and ugly with big tits!
    67. I want a REAL man to treat me like a hole, not a metaphorical hole, but an actual hole, where do I find HIM?
    68. I fucked my fags hole so hard, I think I broke it, will it get better?
    69. I want to eat my Masters shit, but how do I ask him?
    70. What is fag bashing and how can I get some, I need to be dominated !
    71. I love getting my fag balls kicked, femdoms will do it, but Alphas rarely do, why?
    72. I eat shit and drink piss, but only from powerful Masters, am I fucked up?
    73. I am a loser, but I am tired of paying loser tax, and what if I cannot? 
    74. Master loves fags on cams, and wants me to sign up to Chaturbate, should I?