Gaping Is Important For Fags

Gaping Is Important
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My Master keeps encouraging me to put bigger and bigger toys inside my boi cunt, he says that he wants to gape my cunt, but its painful and I don't like it, is this important for me to do?

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Gaping Defined 

Firstly, lets define gaping, gaping is the art of widening the boi pussy or asshole. Gaping involves using fingers, toys and cocks to open the boi pussy as wide as possible. Gaping is also defined as body modification because of the size to which some boi pussy's can be opened. There are some amazing gaping artists in the Twittersphere that can be found in the fisting community. Fisting is one of the main ways in which a gaper will open their boi pussy as much as possible. Gaping is a slow process, and therefore its can take weeks, months and years to slowly widen the boi pussy hole. A gape artist will go up in size of toy to allow the skin and ring of muscle around the boi pussy to open and adjust without tearing or too much discomfort.       

Gaping Is Important

Your Master is encouraging you to gape because its important and because he has your best interests at heart. As a fag, your tiny boi clitty is of no use to you, so He needs to shrink that for you, and help you develop a nicely formed boi pussy, and that can only happen with a proper amount of gaping practise.   

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Fisting And Gaping Is Important

Fisting is another activity, just like gaping that actually promotes the gape and stretch, and fisting can be really useful as a pair bonding activity between a Master and His faggot. Fisting must be done with care, using lots of lubricant and ideally body safe rubberised gloves to prevent the transmission of germs into the faggots body.   

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Gaping To The Max

You ask whether gaping is important and the short answer is yes, it is important for you to develop into the fully fledged faggot cunt that you can be. So take your Master advice and grin and bear the minor discomfort that you will suffer, this gaping and stretching will create you the perfect pussy, which you and your Master will enjoy for years to come. 

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