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Fag Life Under my feet

A Fags Life is about service


I won’t explain what a fag is.. You are here because you are a fag...unworthy… idolatrous, a worshipper of Alpha gods like me that roam the Earth.

You are looking for ownership and a life of servitude, and I can give that to you. Your life has no meaning, outside of worshipping a God like me.
My name is Master Mikey and I am a young 22 year old Master that lives in London England, and I manage a global harem of fags.

In the daytime I work in a very high profile city job. Alongside my vanilla life, I roam the underworld as a Master of Fags.

Read on to learn why you should dedicate your life to MY service.

Pick the fag fetish that most excites you and then contact me to play. Lets have some fun.

Being an Alpha Master to me is:

  • Self love and self worship, I deserve to be worshipped by others. I Worship Myself, so that others know why I deserve to be worshipped.

  • Having total ownership of my masculinity.

  • I know my place is at the TOP of the food chain, and everyone below ME deserves no mercy.

  • I know I am a GOD and I must always act like one.

Being an Alpha Master is not:

  • Having lots of muscles

  • Having a hot sexy look

  • Being extremely weathy

I have all these things, but even having them, I still state that they are not what makes me an Alpha Master that rules Fags

Master Suited and Booted for


You are worthless, and there is no getting around that FACT. You were born lowly, and all your life you have known that you are unworthy of the affection of lovers and partners.

They have all abused you, lied and cheated on you, but I am the first to tell you why…. Because you are truly worthless and desperate, which leads me to insult you, curse at you, laugh at you.

You are here to entertain me, your face is cheap entertainment.

Ashtray Fag

You are a dirty fag boy, and for that reason I will treat you like the bottom of an ashtray. I will empty out all the butts and fag ends onto you, and into your mouth.

I will smoke while you sit beneath me and ensure that each puff and all its ash fall into your mouth and across your face and chest. If it falls to the floor you will be tasked with using your tongue to lap it all up.

I know an ashtray when I see one, and your faggy face was made for ashing on.

Fag Blackmail

You will do everything I tell you, just like a robot. You will follow my instructions to the word, because you know the consequences of not following them. When I press and pull the levers of your mind, you will dance for me.

I have a unique ability to understand you inside and out. All your desires, wants and needs. Everything you love and everything you despise.

I will study your language, and your stories, to know you from within. Once I have you examined, I shall begin my extortion.

I can be your ultimate ruin, bringing down crashing everything you hold dearly, family, home, love.

However, if you listen to me and pay your dues, I can remain at the edges of your life, feasting on you, taking what I need regularly, like a parasitic vampire... feasting on the host, drawing enough blood for both of us to revel, but keeping YOU the host alive.

Cash Fag

I will cost you… drip drip drip.. Click click click .. slowly draining you of your resources.

Cash fags of the world, line up and let the cash slip from your fingers into my hands… and straight into my pockets. You are burdened by the cash, and you feel a gushing excitement as you release the cash to me.

With each click of the send button… you feel lighter and more exhausted. I will play cash payment games with you all day and night until you are soo exhausted that nothing remains in your mind and body.

You will be completely and thoroughly emptied financially to empower your God… ME.

Fag Chastity

A tied cuffed and locked fag is a happy fag. I show you the true meaning of chastity and service when I lock you up into a tiny cock cage, to prevent you having any sexual gratification.

I then tease and torment you to cause you to have an erection which bends and pushes inside you for lack of space in the cock cage.

Over a short period of time, I will kill all desires inside you, and create such a yearning for release that you will beg me to give you the key to your freedom.

Fag Draining

Using games and play to drain you of cash, I will empty your bank. I begin by emptying your wallet, then pockets, then your ATM and then we move to your online bank account where we set up payments to leave on a schedule that I decide.

Fart Fag

There is nothing quite as intense as the Masters stink. Imagine inhaling, direct from the source. The sweet internal perfume of a Master driven by power and greed.

This is a very niche role play so contact me if you dare to play.

Fag Enslavement

You are a slave fag, and the lowest of the low. I enslave fags the good old fashioned way. I set you tasks, lock you up, cause you to work for me and then I lash you for bad behaviour or simply because I felt like it. This will not be “12 years a Slave” but more a lifetime of a slave.

Mind Control

I get inside your head, little by little, like a slow creeping disease eating away at your mind. I listen to the cues inside your head, and then I break down your personality into small bite size pieces before I consume it. All your hopes and dreams will be ravished by my eternal hunger.

When you think you still have control of yourself, you will wake to find that I have planted the seeds of doubt deep into your mind. The seeds I plant deep into you, only I can water and bring to fruition. You can be sure that I will play with those internal triggers to mock you and to extract cash from you. Like a coma patient, you will be my plaything.

Physical Abuse

Imagine being physically abused? Imagine me wrestling you to the floor and holding you helpless. There is no greater feeling of release then when you have to request mercy from your Master, under the weight of his body.

I will wrestle and push you to your limits. Choke holds, and armbars will restrain you as I overpower you on the mats. When I have you in the most vulnerable position, I may decide to milk you or break you. If I milk you, you will not be allowed to cum until I tell you that its right to do so.

Retweet Fag

You are useless in every way possible, but being the Master, I can still find a use for you. When all else fails, you can take on the role of a loyal Retweet Fag.

You should be making monetary tributes, but to begin the journey of being in my good graces, you perform a DUMB robotic Retweet function.

Being my Retweet whore you show loyalty and affection, and demonstrate that you are capable of being more then a useless fag, by retweeting everything that I tweet out.

As soon as you are ready to graduate FagVersity you can Tribute below

Twitter Accounts Below


Start Your Fag Life today with a tribute. I watch 24/7 for incoming Fag tributes


An official list must be requested, so contact me.

Tribute In Silence

Show me your worth by Giving To Me in SILENCE

There are many ways to serve your master, but service in silence is one of the greatest forms of spiritual service. You will be noted as a deep fag slave, and treated as such.

Imagine the amazing feeling of knowing that you are creating surprises for your master. I will return to see the sums you tribute and be surprised.

Sissy Fag

You are such a little slut, and you love dressing up with your cute panties and sexy lingerie for daddy in the hope that I will fuck you.

Today is your lucky day, look at the videos below, choose your favourite model and then dress up nice and pretty like those models for your Master.

Tight little panties, bra with your non existent or saggy moobs, and bright red whoreish lipstick. I want you dressed to impress, ready to perform for me and any other Masters I bring to the table.

Some will just laugh at your feeble attempts to be a pretty Sissy fag.

However, I will be hugely aroused by your ridiculous costumes and your terrible makeup, and I will definitely take advantage of you. I will tear those clothes from you before ravishing you.

Slap Fag

Slap a fag across the face with equal measure force, resentment and love. A fag enjoys being punished. The feeling of sharp correction, or encouragement to conduct sexual tasks. Many things call for a good slapping that leaves the fag with a sting in the face and on the mind.

My fags have to guess whether I have slapped out of genuine hatred or play. I keep them guessing.

Slap jerking is a way to keep my fags entertained as I ring their cheeks like bells, while they jerk off their cocks. Sometimes I will allow them to cum, sometimes I will will let them edge and then cage their cocks to kill the orgasm. I do what I please everytime. Tribute to start the games.

Sock Fag

My sock fags love my socks. They love the smell of expensive Calvin Klein and Gucci socks.. soft and

smooth. These socks are perfect for smelling, licking... pushing deep into your fag throat. The smooth

surface just slides down your dirty throat without any effort.

I wear them through a full day in the office, stamping my feet and ordering people around, they fill

with the musk of my masterly feet. Only the most obediant sock fags will ever get to smell and taste

these perfect socks, and maybe even the feet underneath.

Imagine me pressing down on your face, rubbing my sock foot across your chest, stamping down on your cock and balls. Soft cotton superior socks.

Spit Fag

The Masters saliva contains spiritual power. When I spit in your mouth and on your face, it rejuvenates you.

Each time I honk back all the saliva I can muster, your heart skips a beat. You wish you could jerk off your cock while I spit on you.

You sit there mouth wide open, eager, hungry to take my spit. Desperate to drink my liquids, directly down your fag throat. What would you do to have me spit on you, for hours upon hours.

You love me spitting on you because it reminds you what you are. A low down dumb fag, who deserves to be at the butt end of life.

You get what your given by a Master like me. You enjoy and love anything that I give you. You pay me because of the spit tribute I deliver to your face, eyes, chest and mouth. You are a lowly beast, so sit and take everything I give you.