Fag BoiWife

Fag BoiWife
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Fag BoiWife

A fag boiwife is a faggot that dresses up for its man as a girl. Its something like a sissy but with more faggot tendencies. I have come across many fags that will identify simply as a sissy in this scenario, but also many that want to identify as a fag boiwife rather than a sissy, and therefore the below is my talk with a faggot that wants to identify itself as a fag boiwife. In this conversation I spoke to the faggot in a way that aroused it and eventually I milked it and made it orgasm through nipple stimulation alone. This is the power that a Master like me has, and the emotions I can evoke in a faggot.

Faggot BoiWife Dresses Up

Put it on boi, slip on those sexy heels, and that sexy little tight dress, what a sexy little hooker you look like, mmm now go to the kitchen and cook me some food, I want steak cooked rare, so make sure you don’t overcook my steak, be a good boi wife. In the kitchen you will find a pink apron, put that on, so that your sexy dress doesn’t get spoiled, slip that on, go on sexy bitch, be my little boi housewife. I want you to please me, show me that you are capable of taking over from a woman’s role, show me that you can do everything a girlfriend or wife can do, I know you can do it, but show me, good little bitch.

You need to learn that being a good little faggot boi wife is more than just sucking my cock, or bending over when I need to fuck something, its about care and attention, its about controlling your faggot mind and doing everything to please me, I matter, not you, you’re a faggot, but I matter, because I am a king, I am a master, a lord, something to be worshipped and adored, and you are nothing but a boi wife, but here, right here in my company your life can have meaning, do you understand bitch? Good boi.

Transformation Of A BoiWife

Once you have finished making my steak, I want you to skip over to me on those sexy heels, bend over and place the plate on my lap, lean right over so that I can put my hands down the front of your dress and touch your tits, your little boi tits must be coming along very nice by now, those drugs you have been taking to enhance your tits, must be making them grow nice and puffy, you know I like to suckle, so the faster your tits grow, the better, and then we can go get your training bra faggot,  understood? slowly you are transforming into the faggot boi wife that I need and want, the one that will serve me the way I deserve, I deserve everything, and you will give it to me!

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Fag BoiWife Abused

Once I have finished eating this steak, you will go to the bathroom and shower and shave your boi cunt, and make yourself pretty for me, because tonight I feel like fucking, I know my power will be enhanced once I dump a big load inside your faggot cunt, so it’s important I bless you tonight with my cum load, so prepare yourself for the ceremonial faggot cunting! I cannot promise you that it won’t hurt, I can’t even promise you that I will care enough to stop slamming into your cunt when you cry, but I do promise that once I am done with you, I shall discard you on the bathroom floor to tend to your bruises, and mop up the mess. I will then shower and dress for bed. I expect you to be at my bedside before I get there, ready to tuck me in and switch the light off. I do hope that you have understood all that I am saying, this is your path to being the perfect faggot boi wife for me, and I need this service of you! So jump to it bitch, go on , get to it !!

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