I Love Watching Guys Getting Fisted

Guys Getting Fisted
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Love Guys Getting Fisted

Fags Question

I love watching guys getting fisted, am I a freak? is this normal behaviour?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

Lets face it, who doesn't like watching a guy getting fisted, its one of the most beautiful things that you can watch happening and if you get to watch live, I would certainly recommend it. It does not make you a freak to want to watch fisting but you might want to consider why you enjoy it. I can tell you that as a Master and a dominant, in my work, I love to watch weak men , fags, sissy boi's be entered with a fist, a strong large fist that fills their little tight cunts up. That is the power of a real mans fist, and I love watching it ram up the fags shithole. 

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Guys Getting Fisted Raw

Guys getting fisted do not always enjoy the process. Fisting has to be done correct by a person with skill and care, otherwise the delicate inner lining of the ass pussy is easily torn, and that could easily lead to a trip to the hospital or extensive internal bleeding. Whatever you freaks out there do, fist gently if you are going to do it, and use lots of lube. 

Ultimately if you enjoy fisting, you are definitely a freak, and its not normal behaviour, but in the millions of freakish things you could enjoy, fisting is relatively low grade freak behaviour. 

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