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Master Mikey @ FagLife.com

FagLife.com Mission Statement

My aim for FagLife.com is to create an amazing resource for fags faggots subs sissys and femboys to come and find a place they are understood. A place where all fags can learn about what they are and take a journey of realisation from initially understanding themselves and their behaviour through to training fully in the world of faggotry. FagLife.com should appeal to starter fags and to aged fags alike, all types of fags need guidance, and FagLife.com will be the faggot equivalent of an encyclopaedia Britannica.

Alphas can also enjoy the site, sit back and read what it means to be the type of Alpha I am, ME, Master Mikey, who is at times aggressive, demanding, sexual, but at all times deserving of worship and praise. I tip my hat to all you Alphas out there that are living fag master lives and doing your thing. We shall never have any issues, and I hope you do well in life. I have created a page for Alpha Masters too where you can promote yourself with a profile if you meet the criteria discussed.

Before Requesting A Link Exchange Consider This

You might be wondering why I am writing all this information down on a webmaster page. I write it because I am fanatical about quality. I want my fags to get the best, and I will not be compromising that quality with link exchanges to poor sites, or sites with tons of popups, or sites with a bad user experience, or sites which are unrelated to my topic areas.

I am interested in link exchanges and partner site submissions if you have a site that is valuable and related to the topics I engage with.

I am NOT interested in trying to trick the search engines or build artificial value. This is going to be a site of high quality content to be enjoyed by fags across the world.

“This website is about real topics, real people and real traffic.”

If, having read this page you believe we should exchange links, then please contact me in one of the way you will find on the site.

Master Mikey

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