Fag Content Library

Fag Content Library
Master Mikey @ FagLife.com

Hello fags, this is Master Mikey's library of faggotry. Below are some of the pieces of content that I have created over the years in a properly ordered fashion. Each fag sissy femboy sub beta or cuck can find the content they want or learn the full extent of my work. You faggots can consider this content library just like the historical Great Library of Alexandria because this library contains many a faggots salvation and ruin. This is a work in progress, cataloguing all the old work, so chapters will be added in the coming weeks and months.

You can also use the SEARCH button in the top left of the site, because I have spent a great amount of time finetuning the results that you get there. Give the SEARCH button a try and watch all your depraved dreams come true as you type, and real results pop up for you immediately. So if you like some particular fetish, type it in the search bar and watch all the content on my site related to that specific fetish, popup.  

Table of Contents

Ass Worship Audio Clips On NiteFlirt

Ass worship is one of the sexiest , hottest most horny areas of discussion, and that is why I create so much content in this area. If you enjoy your ass being used as a fuck pillow, or ploughed by a Master that uses it like the best pussy available, then you need to listen to my audio clips. For all the Ass Worship audio clips CLICK HERE>

Blackmail & Ruin Audio Clips On NiteFlirt

Blackmail and ruin is an aphrodisiac to some faggots and I specialise in making a fag feel warm and fuzzy until they trust me fully and then taking them for all they are worth. I love to fantasy blackmail and if I can fantasy homewreck in the process, so much the better. Check out Blackmail and Ruin Audio Clips here

Chastity Audio Clips On NiteFlirt

I love caging faggots and taking away any control these lowly bitches think they have. I cage them in plastic, metal , rope and other methods, caged so they can no longer be aroused, caged so they do not even have the space for an erection. I assume all power in the relationship and then if they are lucky I will edge them, tease them, provoke them to a state of ecstasy which can not be rivalled without a cage. Check out my Chastity audio clip series on Niteflirt.

Cuckold Audio Clips On NiteFlirt

Some fags were born to serve women, as cashpigs and atms, and then hand over their women to real men, who can do what real men do. Cuckold faggots are one of my favourite areas, because there is no greater turn on for a Master like me than a faggot that is giving its wife or partner into my hands for me to use and abuse and do anything I want with. That is the cuck faggots realisation that it is weak and submissive to an Alpha being like me. Click and listen to my cuckold audio clips here. 

Feet Audio Clips On NiteFlirt

Is there anything sexier and more submissive then a faggot that is willing to get on its knees and worship a Masters feet, its the ultimate in weak faggot behaviour. I love when fags worship my feet by licking and sucking on my toes and then tributing to me so that I can wipe their faces with my soles and nourish them with the strong scent of my manly Alpha feet. These are the feet of a powerful athletic proud Alpha man, and the scent coming off them is like liquid gold for a faggot. Click to check out my feet audio clips. 



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