Do Fags & Alphas Offend You?


Getting serious about fags 

Being a Fag or an Alpha is a serious lifestyle choice, its not just fun and games. People from all over the world find purpose in their life when they have understood their place in life and how they can be the best version of themselves. For some people these are lifestyle choices and for others there is no choice at all, they were born this way, born to rule or born to serve. So when you arrive to this site, keep your mind open and respectful, as you are getting the privilege of peeking into peoples life choices. This site promotes the way a community of people want to live. 

The language used in this website is entirely appropriate to the people, the community and lifestyle that this website was built for. This website does not apologise for use of terms or choose to explain the use of words or phrases for or too anyone. This site has been a labour of love and a written discussion of a world in which I live, and a community amongst which I commune. People that understand this world and lifestyle are entirely comfortable with the uses and phrases herein.

The legal bit... or not

Does this sound like a legal caveat or disclaimer? It’s NOT. However, there is a safety and safeguarding comment to be made here, which is important for any and everyone that engages in BDSM or fetish lifestyle online or real-time play, and that can be read here, Safety & CNC.

As the host of, a website that chronicles my life and all the adventures I have experienced, this is my straight forward way of telling all that visit, that you are a guest, and as such you are welcome to read and learn about the life I live, and the world and community in which I choose to spend my time. If you are a fag, then enjoy. If you are an alpha, then enjoy. If you are a bystander and casual reader, then enjoy. If you just stumbled across us by accident, then I invite you to learn about a lifestyle that may be new to you, but also exists in this amazing varied world we all occupy together.

If you have arrived and are immediately offended, keep walking, this site is not for you. If the title and opening paragraphs have got your lips quivering then I suggest you go no further.


This site is not meant for the consumption of everyone. This website fulfils a role for all those millions of people that consider themselves fags or alphas. All those millions that are open to free speech and free living.

Master Mikey

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