Fags Sold On The Open Market

Fags Sold
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Fags Sold

The fantasy of fags sold and bought is not new. This fantasy has been played out in the fetish scene forever. I have written about other variations of faggot bought and owned in Ownedfags in the Fag Sellers Guide and the Fag Buyers Guide. So the below is just another episode in the life of a Slaver Master and a fag slave. The usual Safety and CNC rules apply for all the woke nerds out there. For all you fetish fuckers out there, read on.  

I look at you, and you are just flesh to me, a dumb faggot with no brain, just holes that I can fuck, pump full of cum and then dump you on the roadside, hahahaha, see, that is what happens when you fuck with me, you get to see the real nasty side of me boi, the real nasty uncaring side, the side that just wants to take advantage of you, to drain you, to take from you, and sometimes when I see real slave potential in you, then I get greedy, young masters like me can be really greedy, because I know whats possible.

There are so many men that would want to fuck a hole like you, and because I know that, I will want to clean you up, wash you down in the bath or in the garden with a hosepipe, throw soap all over you like an animal, and then once you are soaped down, I would hose you down, then drag you off and dress you in some ragged clothes, nothing nice, because I don’t want to sell the clothes with you, hahahaha.

Fags Sold At Market

I have done it before, so I would do it again, collar you, attach a short chain, handcuff you behind your back, and then walk you to the car, open the trunk and throw you in. You would not resist because you know the consequences of resisting me boi. I like my slaves, but I have no issues beating you senseless if need be. I like the smell of beaten flesh, you dirty cunt.

I would drive you to the outskirts of London, where there is still such a thing as live slave markets where slaves are bought and sold for money, it’s an underground dark economy. Yes, it’s true, real humans, bought and sold, and you would be taken to market. When I get there, I would open the trunk and pull you out, walking you down a dark pathway in the middle of fields and you would have your head covered but still be able to hear the noise of slave trading, screams, cries for help as one slave is ripped from the arms of another. Before we got to the centre I would pull you aside, put a chastity cage on your cock just to keep it all nice and tidy and better for the slave buyers, they don’t want to see your useless cock hanging out. They need your holes, not your cock, for you are not going to be a breeder fag. Then you would hear cheers as I walked you into the middle of the pig pen, the stage where all slaves line up, I can imagine your tiny cocklet twitching, you’re twitching now just thinking about this, I know you are boi.

Well I would walk you up on stage, slapping the back of your head, and then it would go silent in excitement, just as I grabbed your torn clothes and ripped them off, revealing your naked flesh, caged cock and hood, all the crowd would cheer at the site of another slave ready to be sold off, then you would hear all the chants as numbers were hurled at you, the auctioneer telling the crowd the benefits of you, how you are fat and ugly, but strong, so you can be used for manual chores, how your holes are moist and ready to please, so you could just be put by the bed side as a fuck toy, the buyers would jeer at you, screaming, drunken laughing all looking up at your flesh, twitching and aching as you stood there naked in the night, lit up only by firelight. You can imagine the scene, it’s the scene you thought about all your life, I know you did faggot slave, then imagine some of the buyers would step up on the stage, you still hooded unable to see them, and they would touch your body, you would twitch and they would laugh at you, they would poke and prod you, slap your cock cage and squeeze your muscles, feel your arms and shoulders, each buyer having a different use in mind for you,  some would bend you over and feel your rim. you know what they have in mind, hahahahaha

Giant Gape Toys

Fags Sold And Loaded

Eventually the numbers would be called and you would be sold… I would walk you to the buyers vehicle… normally a large van with an animal cage in the back, and I would push you into the cage uncaringly, its only then that I would pull off your hood, to reveal the start of your new life.. your last view as the door closed on you would be the buyer smiling wretchedly and me counting the cash in my hand, hahahaha.

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