Owned Fags A Buyers Guide

Owned Fags A Buyers Guide
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Buying Fags

Its 2021 and Owning Fags is as taboo this year as it has been in every previous year. In fact, slavery and owning people was last fashionable in the 17th century, and since then has been losing popularity, and rightly so. Slavery is an abominable scourge on the history of mankind.

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However, we are not talking about the slavery of humans, we are here to discuss the slavery and ownership of fags, which are entirely inhuman creatures. The number of fags that approach me on a weekly basis to leave their existing lives’ and throw themselves into fulltime, real-time slavery at my feet is astonishing. Maybe it’s a combination of the pandemic and people being at home and using the internet more, because I have seen a huge rise in the number of online slavery communities where fags and subs will willingly be sold and owned by Masters for their financial and sexual pleasures. This is an amazing time for owned fags and Masters to play out these fantasy lifestyles.

NOTE: This is not a topic for most people’s comfortable consumption, but for the special select few, this is absolutely important and relevant.

Owned Versus Unowned Fags

Owned faggots make up a small portion of all faggots because most faggots still roam the Earth as unowned fags or free runners as I like to call them and you can read about these unowned fags here. Finding and owning slaves is a matter of making your intentions for ownership clear and then connecting with the right communities to find where these faggots congregate. This is natures way, the fag needs management, ownership, and a place to call home… even if it doesn’t realise that… and a Master must rule, and must have subjects... this is natures desire and way.

BDSM Clubs To Buy Fags

BDSM clubs are a fantastic way for unowned fags to become useful owned fags. In these types of fetish clubs, you can find Masters and fag slaves. The club environment provides the safe spaces needed to discuss the limits and variations of the ownership scenario and the safeguards that others can oversee the relationships. Many newbie faggots will first be introduced to a life of slavery and ownership in these environments.

Online Fag Communities For The Purchase Of Fags

Online communities are another way for unowned fags to become fully realised owned fags. Online communities are easily accessible when you know where to look and can be just as welcoming and accommodating as their real-world counterparts. Free running slave fags can find the Master of their dreams from a global landscape and serve Masters from anywhere in the world. This opens up the door to international Alpha Masters to have global harems with thousands of willing and owned slaves in their clutches. There are many advantages of online communities.

Purchasing Your First Fag

Buying your first fag whether online or in a club can be a daunting task. You should always inspect them physically and this will mean requesting full access to them from their existing Master or telling them that they will be examined thoroughly, if they are a free running unowned fag. I do suggest that you strip the fag naked and then check all of its orifices for signs of wear and tear and structural issues, which if not diagnosed at this pre-purchase stage will come back to bite you later. Next is a list of the top 5 things you should look to avoid when purchasing a fag.


Top 5 Things To Avoid When Purchasing Fags

Misshaped Feet

A fag’s misshapen feet are an early sign of a hard lived life, and is suggestive of having been worked hard in the field or around the house but without adequate protection. Feet that look worn, cracked or displaying open sores are all things you want to avoid as they will lead to a shorter faggot service life. You should be looking for strong healthy broad feet capable of carrying loads and moving quickly and for extended periods. As an aside a good pair of feet on fags is an aesthetic advantage as you will have those feet in your face or view when you are fucking the faggot, so having a good clean pair of feet will not lessen the experience.

Rot Of The Mouth

Rot in the fag’s mouth is a sign that the Master has fed the faggot on an incorrect sugar-based diet. Most likely, the previous owner has not allocated a diet plan for the fag and instead allowed the fag to rummage through bins and leftovers resulting in a bad diet and rotten teeth. Again, this is a bad sign that will no doubt decrease the fags service life and increase the cost of maintenance as dental vet visits are expensive at the best of times, and you want your vet bills to be as low as possible. Also, if you intend for your fag to be used as a cum dump, then inevitably the fags mouth will be used and the last thing you want is a filthy dirty faggot mouth to put your perfect Alpha cock into. 

Discolouration Of Skin

Oddly coloured patches on the skin, are in my experience, signs of neglect from previous owners and can be the result of fags being kept in unsanitary conditions like a barn or shed, inadequate washing and cleaning after rental to multiple Masters, and lack of proper diet. All of these elements combined create a skin flora that allows bacteria viruses and disease to penetrate into skin sores and through sexual orifices. Without proper diagnoses this can result in total loss of the fag.

Shaking Or Twitching

When you stand in front of the fag, look for shaking or twitching at the shoulder points or in the hands, as these are very worrying signs. These are normally signs that the fag has been subjected to regular substance abuse, possibly combined with sexual deviancy in a group setting, which leaves it in a state of perpetual shock, and the shaking and twitching are signs of internal trauma. If you see these, walk away immediately, as the end is near for this fag. You may consider bargaining a lower price for the purchase of this type of fag, but only if you have a short-term usage scenario like a party or gangbang, where the purchase price allows you to use it and bin it after the event.


As you walk around the slavers market, watch for the fag slaves that talk without their owner’s permission. Look for the fags that murmur under their breath. When you see them, mark them off your list of potential faggots for purchase, as they will surely be trouble. Speaking without permission suggests an internal dialogue, a separate mind, and a will that is not fully broken, and all of these are things that will not make for a happy house. You need a devoted fag, but a fag with a mind can never devote itself fully to you.

These are my top 5 suggestions for purchasing fags, and you can use them to save yourself time and money in the future. 

In future posts I will be discussing owned fag rental, fag leasing, fag repairs, and faggot succession planning so that you as an Alpha Master are never left without a fag to use if one of your primary faggots dies on the job or has to be put down. 

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