Unowned Fags

Unowned fags
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What Are Unowned Fags

Unowned fags are fags that identify with the faggot life, know that they are fags, understand what that means for their life and how they should serve, but given all these facts, do not have an Alpha Master that owns them.

As an Alpha Master myself, I see unowned fags as free running fags, and I use the term free running fags as an ode to slaves that got away from their Masters. As you know the runaway slave would be returned to their owners and then branded across the face, and I think fags should also be branded accordingly.

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Why Do Unowned Fags Exist?

A fag can be unowned for many reasons, but the most common are the following,

Switch fags

Switch fags are very often unowned fags because they keep changing their mind between master and faggot, which to me, means that they are not true faggot material. A switch changes according to its needs and desires, and I think that immediately disqualifies the switch fag from being a true fag of any kind. A person that exercises “choice” is no fag at all. A real fag has no choice, and makes no decisions, these things are elements of a higher level of intelligence which a faggot simply does not possess. A fag’s destiny is chosen by its Alpha and it knows what it is from within, it would never consider trying to be a domme, or Master or anything other than a faggot.

Mentally ill fags

In my years as an Alpha Master, I have come across many mentally ill fags, who behave erratically and with no understanding of what they are, or the power structure of men. These fags are clearly mentally unstable and hence could never exist within the correct owned faggot relationships, hence they are unowned and always will be. These unowned fags harbouring mental issues will only ever be a bigger burden to the Alpha Master if he takes them in and tries to put them into an ownership model like COP or POP discussed here. The best thing that an Alpha can do with these types of faggots is to discard them. Leave them to nature, she will undoubtedly decide their fate.

Disobedient fags

The world is full of disobedient fags, because the world is full of undisciplined men. So many of these fags out here will want to serve and be what they are until they realise that the true life of faggot heaven is a life of service and structure and pain, but these fags are weak and incapable of serving well, so they act out their lack of ability with disobedience, in a last-ditch effort to get the attention of their Masters. These filthy no-good faggots believe that annoying or not following the instructions of their natural Masters will get them noticed, and it does, but for the wrong reasons. Most Alphas should avoid these types of disobedient time-wasting faggots.


Disloyal fags

Disloyal fags are the most common type of unowned fag, because they act as Alphas do with an insatiable demand for attention. The disloyal faggot is a faggot no less, but has the tendencies of an Alpha with its incessant need for attention and desire to be the focus. These are traits exclusively for Alphas but occasionally you get a genetically broken faggot that displays these traits and, in these instances, you end up with disloyal faggots. The most common activity for disloyal unowned fags is to approach different masters at the same time, and pretend to serve them all. Disloyal fags can rarely if ever be reconfigured for Alpha use, normally they must be discarded as waste.

Untrained fags

The topic I feel most passionate about is Unowned fags that are unowned because they are untrained. In all areas of life, training is key to success, and faggot management is no exception. A faggot that is untrained is a liability to all that approach it. I have discussed faggot training methods in depth which can be read here as the 10 step faggot training method, and for further training with sex dolls, here

Unowned And Unwanted fags

Unowned fags will always be a topic of discussion because it’s the nature and essence of the Alpha– Faggot relationship, that one must necessarily serve the other. The fag must obey and follow and fulfil all for the Alpha. The Alphas needs and desires must be managed and completed at all times, with no exceptions. The unowned fag will never fully be able to commit itself to the task of serving, not until it can enter into a owned fag scenario and fulfil its true destiny.

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