Cash Rape Is So Much Fun

Cash Rape Is So Much Fun
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Fags Question

I love everything about cash rape, I loved being cash raped like a little cash whore, like a human ATM by alpha dominant guys, but why do I love this? am I just fucked up? Help?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

Cash Rape Defined 

In its simplest form, Cash rape is the process of taking cash from faggots that do not deserve to have it. The cash is literally stripped from a fags pockets physically or electronically transferred out by bank transfer. Cash pigs or cash cunts as they are often known will enjoy this process because it feeds the need for humiliation and degradation which is a huge part of the fetish for the cash whores that enjoy it. A Master, or a dominant, an authority figure will be the one that controls the cash whore and strips it of cash. I have played the role of Cash Master many times and I have many cash whores and paypigs, so I know this process really well. 

Cash Raping The Fetish

I can talk extensively about cash rape because i have experienced it now for many years. I have been a dominant teen and then a dominant young adult who always had power over men, and I always knew how to exert that power to achieve my goals and the goals of older men who wanted to be in my company so desperately. I knew from a very young age the power I had over men, the difference between me and other men was that I was always in control. Many of these sad men that wanted to be in my company, did so because they thought they could manipulate a vulnerable younger person, but that was the last mistake they made as I always took hold of them and put them in their places. I have cash raped so many fags over the last few years, taking them to the edge of insanity, stopping them and then bringing them back to the edge again and again as they tribute and then finally I let them cum. These fags are in my complete control.     

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Cash Raping The Fags Wallet

Most of my fags over the years want their wallets fucked, and sometimes literally. I have at times taken a fags wallet out and put my huge white cock in the wallet with their cash in it and then stroked off right in front of them, while instructing them to jerk off for me. No matter what I ask a faggot to do, I will always be in total control of it and tell it when its allowed to cum, the faggot cannot make any decisions by itself.   

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Want To Try Cash Rape?

If the idea of cash rape excites you, or intrigues you in any way, step forward, and contact me, and I will tailor a cash rape situation for you. Something that fits your unique faggot life and circumstances. I love to cash rape, and each cash rape is unique to the fag I am doing it too, there is no such thing as a vanilla cash rape, at least not for me, because I am dominant and young, and when I cash rape faggots, I get really hard, because it genuinely makes me excited. To try a cash rape click here

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