Trans Girl Faggots

Trans Girl Faggots
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Fags Question

Can a trans girl be a faggot? I’m trans but I also still feel like a faggot

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Trans Girl Faggots Possible?

This is a great question and one that I have heard asked before, so I thought it was time to answer. A trans girl can be many things depending on how they present themselves, and in essence a trans girl is a biological man that has in some format transitioned to being a woman. The world is full of ideological debates about the degree of transition required and the concept of womanhood as a whole, but lets put those discussions aside and assume that a trans girl is as stated, a girl, a woman.

For the purpose of this post, I won't expand to much on what a fag is , as the whole website is dedicated to the term and the lifestyle, but in its simplest form, a fag is a male, and typically gay or bisexual and a person that understands the hierarchy of men, and that some men are born to serve and some to rule. You could argue that this definition of fag is wrong, but for the purpose of not arguing we will stick with this definition for now, and you are free to choose your own. 

With these definitions in place, there is no reason why a trans girl could not also be a faggot.

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Trans Fag Potential Issues

Trans girls will have all the emotional feelings of wanting to be, and being seen as a girl or woman, and that is already fraught with societal pressures and ideological / biological arguments etc but when you then add in the faggot hierarchy dimension it creates an entirely new level of potential issues. 

The fag at some level has understood the hierarchy and the roles that are status based, it knows that it must serve and be ruled, and that its life is to be devoted to this endeavour. The fag also acknowledges that some men are born to rule and so power is acknowledged and glorified in many ways. This is a complete contrast to the norms of a modern girl or woman's "lesser" role in society. I say lesser to showcase how, many girls and women feel about not being treated as equals in modern society. There is a trend towards male female equality which has been a constant drive for at least the last 100 years. 

Therefore, this creates a potential internal pressure for a trans girl faggot who feels like a women, and all that comes with that, but also feels like a faggot and all that comes with that. There is a potential for conflict in the mind, a inner power struggle loop between wanting to attain power and giving away power, taking a stance in life or being subservient to another person, these struggles could cause issues. 

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In these matters there is no right or wrong answers, but in answer to the original question, there is certainly no issue with a trans girl also being a faggot.

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