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Public Humiliation
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My KH (KeyHolder / Master) is into public exposure, exhibiting and humiliating His lockees. I find the idea of that a real turn on but finding it difficult to muster the courage despite really wanting to. My KH knows this and is not pushing me but am feeling increasingly bad knowing I'm denying Him something He likes. Can You help me please Master Mikey?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

Public Humiliation As A Tool To Exert Power 

This question is fundamentally several questions. A Masters power should be unquestionable, and therefore HIS needs should be fulfilled without hesitation or questioning. So the moment you resist, the moment you feel the ability to decline a Masters pleasure should be a moment when you truly question that relationship. Think long and hard about why you deny HIS power over you. The task being requested is almost irrelevant, for the GODs ask much of mortals, but the mortals must adhere to the rules of the GODs. This is something you must think upon. 

Now assuming the denial of your Masters needs is a simple mistake, a glitch in your otherwise impeccable faggotry, then you must consider why the Master desires Public Humiliation. He desires it because ultimately, power and dominance must be showcased, they must be shown for them to be true and real. I know personally it gives me huge amounts of sexual gratification to watch a sub kneel before me in public, showing to all that they are obedient to my needs and my power, this is a huge turn-on and likewise will be for your Master.     

Master Waits For Your Public Humiliation Compliance

Your Master waits, because He can, because its likely you are not the only faggot to serve HIM. A true Master never hovers around one fag, He will have many, as the evolution and progress of fags can be slow, and His needs are great, so he must always have a camp of fags, or what I term a Den of Fags to serve His needs while he waits for you to reach the next stage in your journey, this is a form of His kindness to you. 

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Public Humiliation The Practise & Journey

Public humiliation is a key step for all subs and fags, but for many its a hard step, and a step that must be taken with care and consideration. You should start by meeting him in a public place and simply kneeling before Him. Then extend that kneel to a kneel and a kissing of his fist or ring, and keep taking that process further and further. At first you will be shy and scared, and worried about the opinions and reactions of onlookers, but this will pass. As the lovelorn Romeo kneels before his Juliet and unashamedly asks for her hand, so too shall you kneel and ignore the humiliations and degradations thrown upon you by onlookers, because you will know your place and your role. 

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Public Humiliation The Pain

There is no easy way to take away the shame humiliation and pain that will be cast upon you by onlookers and that you will feel inside you when you begin this part of your journey into faggotry. Nothing shall make this process more bearable, but you should not be looking for comfort, for you are a fag, and with that title comes a responsibility to serve and be of service to great men, real men, Masters, dommes, power mongers, all those that rule over faggots like you. So go shame faced into the battlefield of public humiliation and do the things that degrade and humiliate you with reckless abandon. Show your Master what type of fag you are, the type that is willing to be the best fag in all circumstances, the fag that is willing to please His Master, no matter the task requested. 

Ultimately, never forget why you serve, because your Masters pleasure, your Key Holders pleasure is the most important thing in the world. 

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