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My cock is really tiny, so I am always the gay sub bottom, but in my head I feel like an Alpha, how can I get rid of these thoughts? I feel cursed as I get pounded in my boi pussy, and all I want to do is fuck like a real man, but I can't, my cock is too small. Help

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You are trying to fight your nature, your inner being, that which was designed for you to be. Nature or the lifeforce that brings all beings into existence designed you with a small cock, and gay faggot boi desires to feast on cock, so natures intention is clear for you. You state that you want to fuck, you want to be the Alpha, the big man, the one that does the fucking! well I would say that your inner demons are feasting off the current narrative of the time. In 2022, the idea of being masculine and a "real man" are splurged across the internet for all to consume, and men are rising up in hoards to take their position, and I have no issue with that evolution.

The one small problem is that many of those men rising are not Alphas, they are not Tops, or masculine, so their rise as Alphas will surely be followed by a fall to their beta status. I do not rejoice in this knowledge, I just know that nature has its way, and its means for giving each of us a purpose, and if you fight that purpose, then only unhappiness will follow.

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Gay Sub Bottom Trust Yourself

Look at yourself in the mirror each day boi, look at the roundness of your hips, the width of your pelvis, and the size of your tiny cock. Your physiology will tell you what nature wants you to do. Rid yourself of these arrogant thoughts of fucking and being the Top, being the Alpha, rid yourself of all these ideas that are holding you back from being the best gay sub bottom that ever was. You have the ability to make an Alpha Top happy each day with your boi pussy, do not ruin that.

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