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I am a straight dude that likes my cock sucked, and found fags to be a great release, but they all get attached, where can I find the heartless cunts? 

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

You sound like a typical Alpha, a typical Master, because the most common trait of real men, true Alphas, and this includes me, is the need for regularly sexual contact but without compromise, that lack of absolute aftercare, we want what we want and without all the added hassle. Most men in hetero and homo relationships will expect to have all the hassle and headache that comes with dealing with women or hormonal men, that is normal and expected.

When a man, especially a straight man takes the chance of venturing into the use of faggots, and then finds that he enjoys it, most of the time its a hidden activity, something that can be done on the quiet, enjoyed in the spare time, without others knowing about it, its a guilty pleasure to be kept behind closed doors. For most straight men, they cannot take the risk of there "side fag" sexual exploits coming out, so faggots that get attached easily or often, are just too much trouble. A straight man wants to fuck the fag and then forget the fag until the next time he needs to scratch that itch. Unfortunately this method does not fit with the typical mindset of a faggot.

A faggot is usually a needy creature, that wants the attention and praise of a relationship, even when it knows that its just an object, its emotions overrule its thinking mind, and it tends to fall in love with every cock it sucks. It is for this reason that cold heartless fags are very hard to find, you are essentially looking for a fag that is missing a part of its brain, very hard to find unless you are trawling mental wards in hospitals. 

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Where To Find Heartless Fags

So the question is where to find a fag that is as cold and heartless as possible. My suggestion for this problem is that you find fags that are not 100% faggot, so by that I mean, they are not single guys with no relationships, living on their own, looking for Masters, as these types of fags will be the greatest problem, and the hardest to manage when they go off the rails, they also have all the time in the world to devote to falling in love with you, so fucking this type of faggot is a minefield of issues. Stay clear of these fags. 

Look for older fags, or married fags, fags that have not come out, these types of fags seek their own discretion and are already living multiple lives, so will be the easiest to manage and keep from falling in love with you. They have risks in their lives which mean they will safeguard you while safeguarding themselves. You can rely on being able to call them when you need your cock sucked, and they will come, and even counting their own time away from home and cover story, they will suck you off and want to get home quick. They will be less likely to msg you as they are surrounded by families that do not know they are faggots, which again removes the chances of them reading your words and falling in love with the Master inside you. 

Go find yourself some cold heartless faggots and get those cocks sucked and asses licked. 

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