Cucks Love To Watch

Cucks Love To Watch
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Cucks Love To Watch Wives Getting Fucked

Fags Question

Why do cucks love to watch their wives or girlfriends getting fucked?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

Cuck fags and cuckoldry in general has been a mystery to me for most of my young life. I watched guys lose girlfriends to jocks and be angry, frustrated and want to fight back, nothing ever gave me the impression that men in this world would ever be happy about watching their partners be fucked. However, this changed when I was approached by an older man in the neighbourhood, clearly this guy was a faggot, but a married faggot, and he asked if I wanted to come over to his to watch the game with his family. I took the opportunity as I had watched a truck deliver a huge new 100 inch big screen to him a few weeks earlier.

However, when I arrived, there was no family, just him and the game. During the game, his wife walked in wearing lingerie, and made passes at me, in front of him. I knew very quickly what was happening and that was the first time I ever fucked a cuck fags wife in front of him. It was the beginning of lots more cuck episodes, many of which I arranged by offering my services. 

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Cucks Love To Lose Control

The one lesson that I have learnt is that cucks love to lose power, the feeling of being out of control. Some cucks want to watch from a cupboard, hidden away and jerk off as I smash their wives. Other cucks want me to fuck their wives and make them watch up close. The most extreme cucks want me to fuck their wives and then fuck them. I have done a few dirty faggots like that, one specific one where I fucked the wife, came on the cucks face and made the wife lick it up, while I fucked the cuck and then came on his wife's face and made him lick it up. 

Cucks Love To Watch Because They Know

Ultimately cucks love to watch because they know the reality of the world, that some men are born superior. Its really as simple as that, they are inferior, and if they are astute enough to know their place, then they should also know that their wife deserves more, and deserves to feel a Real man in her life. A cuck that loves to watch, is really a cuck that knows its place. 

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