Fags With Hips

Fags With Hips
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Fags With Hips Are Beautiful

Fags Question

Why are some fags born with more feminine bodies than other fags?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

Nature has its ways, and some faggots are born with bodies that are more feminine, rounder hips, softer cheeks. Nature builds some men for war, real men for the battle of manhood in the modern age, and it builds other men to serve, on their knees and be the burden bearers of all real men. Natures ways are cruel, but just. Fags that are blessed with round female hips, birthing hips, shall be used by real men, their hips will be blessed with the seed of real men. 

I have fucked so many fags that look like women, rounded hips, big ass and tight tummies, a culture of being yoga fit, rather than fighting fit helps these fags develop and nurture the hips that nature gave them.

Bussy Boi

Faggots With Hips Like Shakira

For those fags that you find with hips like Shakira, use them, show them to other Masters, so that they might be used, and empty your seed unto them, make them pregnant with your power and lust. 

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