Am I A Fag

Am I A Fag
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To Be Or Not To Be A Fag

Fags Question

I am gay, very horny, and I want to be used all the time, am I a fag?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

Lets begin by stating that you can be gay, and be horny and not be a fag. In a loose but easy to digest definition, a fag is a gay boi that knows its place in the hierarchy of men. A fag knows that real men sit at the top of the pyramid of power and fags sit at the bottom of the pyramid, with the sole purpose of being the burden bearers of all real men. Fags are there to serve real men and provide for all their needs. A fag knows that it will be used and abused, and made use off, because it is a tool for the pleasure of real men. Fags can be old or young, but they must always serve. 

Next you state you want to be used all the time, that to me is the identifying feature that labels and curses you to your future, that line tells me that you are a fag. 

Bussy Boi

Am I A Fag , Yes You Are

You are a fag, that is clear, your need to be used, to be useful, to be off service, that is an inner feeling, borne within you, its natures designation of your inner purpose. You need to serve, as real men need to be served. 

Now the bigger point is that with this question settled, what will you do now? I would suggest that you read the following, Master Slave Contracts to learn how to be of real service to real men.

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