Master Slave Contract

Master Slave Contract
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Master Slave contracts determine rights roles and expectations for all Slaves. Masters can use this as a guide to managing Slaves. I have used this and other forms of contractual slavery and worship over the years with my fags subs sissys and slaves. This is the full Master Slave contract, however for a simpler easier contract, and one that can be used for dumber fags, use the short Master Slave contract which can be found here.  

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If you want to download a copy of this contract to use in your life, Click to download the Master Slave Contract PDF , Master Mikeys Master Slave Contract PDF.

Table of Contents

Contractual Preface

It is key to have a formal written contract in place between a Master and his Slave. This is a unique Dominant/submissive relationship which sits in a framework that must be adhered to correctly for the satisfaction of both parties but most importantly for the satisfaction of the Master.

Most contracts are written for the safeguarding of one party over another, and this contract is no different, with its prime focus being to ensure that the Masters needs, desires and wildest imaginations are fulfilled whenever and wherever he so desires without any consideration for the Slaves feelings capabilities or resultant burdens. Below is an example of the contract that most Slaves will complete sign and return. Once in place this document stands as the overarching legally valid ruleset and regime which the Slave has agreed to. This contract can only be revised or dissolved by the Master. Amendments requested by the Slave and or by third parties on behalf of the Slave will be invalid and thus discarded.

For all intents and purposes this contract embeds a onetime multigenerational agreement into law, the effect of which is multigenerational bondage in the form of a legally binding full-service contract valid until such a time the Master or his heirs void the contract or the Slave is declared deceased with no kin that will assume the responsibilities of the contract.

Master Slave Fag Contract Agreement

This CONTRACT is made as of July 16th 2019, by and between the undersigned parties.

Master Role

I, Master Mikey, herein referred to as MASTER or THE MASTER, being of sound mind and body do of my own free will agree to become Master of any and all Slave signers of this agreement, assuming total and complete control.

Slave Role

I, _____, registered slave bearing slave registration number ***.***.***, herein referred to as SLAVE or THE SLAVE, being of unsound mind and fragile body do of my own captive will agree to give total control to the MASTER above assigned.

Contract Duration

The official ownership shall begin on an agreed date and shall continue until the MASTER submits a dissolution in written or verbal form to dissolve the ownership of the property. Revisions may be suggested and implemented by the Master at any time.


The primary aim of this contract is to fulfil and sustain the MASTER. The SLAVE shall do everything possible within its capacity to fulfil the needs of the MASTER.

The SLAVE is expected to show complete devotion and obedience and to learn and continually improve its function as the best SLAVE for the MASTER.


The MASTER has the rights assigned below. These rights are irrevocable rights.

Management Rights

MASTER has the right to manage the SLAVE any way he wants.

Access Rights

MASTER has the right to call upon the SLAVE at any time without consideration of the SLAVE’s condition or circumstances.

Punishment Rights

MASTER has the right to reprimand and punish SLAVE for any misconduct as he deems appropriate, this punishment is NOT limited by SLAVE limits / safety words or third-party intervention.

Contract Rights

MASTER has the right to terminate contract at any time without prior notice or warning. The MASTER is the contract holder, and has undisputed control over the MASTER CONTRACT and its implications for the SLAVE. Rights can be added, amended or removed without any notice to the SLAVE.


SLAVE Responsibilities

The SLAVE has innumerable responsibilities. This list is not exhaustive and is constantly being increased according to the MASTER’s will and preferences over time.


The SLAVE is responsible for ensuring the MASTER’s surroundings are kept clean and appropriate for healthy living. The MASTER's best health is one of the key priorities for the SLAVE. The MASTER must be provided with the best food, beverage and access to the finest health and wellness equipment. 


The SLAVE is responsible for operating the household functions of cleaning, cooking, diary scheduling and event preparation. Should events be held for the MASTER, it is the SLAVE that will take on all preparation and scheduling with third parties and operators. 


The SLAVE is responsible for preparing itself for all of the Masters sexual demands. The MASTER's sexual appetite is insatiable, and as such the SLAVE must look for ways to keep the MASTER entertained and happy. 


The SLAVE is responsible for staying out of the Masters way when not needed. The SLAVE must operate in a covert manner when not needed, so as not to disturb the MASTER's sleep or work routines. 


Rules of SLAVE behaviour

Slave behaviour is coordinated by and with Rules. The Rules dictate the appropriate behaviour for the Slave in all situations. There is a Public Ruleset and a Private Ruleset.

Public Ruleset


In any location outside of the home environment, the MASTER is in total and final control. The MASTER has the final word on any discussion and the final instruction in any process. 


The MASTER will be addressed by the title “Sir” until and when the MASTER determines another more preferred or elevated title such as "Lord" or "Highness" or "His Imperial Majesty".


The SLAVE will open doors and pull-out seats for the MASTER. The SLAVE will show the appropriate decorum when in public events and amongst high society individuals. 

No Opining

The SLAVE will stand aside of any discussions providing no opinion even if asked by third parties. The SLAVE will await further instruction in all scenarios. Further instruction may be given by the MASTER through a series of predetermined gestures or code words.


The SLAVE will request permission before visiting restrooms or answering questions from third parties. The SLAVE's natural functions are considered inappropriate and unnecessary for the ultimate utility of the MASTER. The SLAVE will hold until an appropriate time or place. 


The SLAVE will never interrupt MASTER. Interruption is considered a cardinal sin, and will not be tolerated under any circumstances. 


The SLAVE will kneel and kiss the hand of the Master before standing aside in public. The SLAVE will ensure that this respected gesture is clearly visible by as many people as possible to aid the furtherment of the concept of the MASTER's nobility in public spaces. The SLAVE will use every opportunity to promote positively the concept of noble birth and noble birth rights. 


The SLAVE will always walk behind MASTER. Walking aside the MASTER even if by accident is another cardinal sin and will result in immediate punishment. The SLAVE must at all times judge the MASTER's movements and second guess the direction of travel to ensure the SLAVE keeps its appropriate distance behind and apart from the MASTER. 

Private Ruleset


The SLAVE will not begin eating in private until the MASTER has finished eating or until MASTER gives express permission for SLAVE to begin.

Pre-bed evening routine

The SLAVE will wait for MASTER’s direction before leaving MASTER in the evening. The SLAVE may stay until the MASTER falls asleep as long as an appropriate distance is maintained at all times.

Post-bed nocturnal routine

The SLAVE will ensure communication system is kept close to ear in case the MASTER calls upon it during the night. This is critical for the wellbeing of the MASTER. 


SLAVE Daily Task list

The SLAVE must be kept busy and fulfilling tasks through all 7 days of the week. Each task should be strenuous enough that it takes more time than you allocate to the SLAVE, so that the SLAVE is always struggling and chasing its tail to complete tasks. This continuous pressure to perform for the MASTER is critical for the SLAVE’s ongoing training.

Daily Task list

  1. Hoover all through the house and outbuildings
  2. Make all the beds in the house
  3. Wash all the linen in the house, whether dirty or not
  4. Take the dogs for a walk
  5. Do the dishes
  6. Learn a new language to entertain guests
  7. Learn a song or dance for weekly performance

Sexual Duties

  1. Perform fellatio on MASTER every morning and evening before bed.
  2. Bath, manicure and pedicure the MASTER daily.
  3. Discuss clothing selection for following day with MASTER.
  4. Perform a different Karma Sutra sequence on MASTER every afternoon.

Slave Limits

There are no limits including and not limited by force majeure. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

Discipline and Punishment

Discipline is key to keeping MASTER happy with his stable of slaves. Therefore, MASTER will perform regular and unpredictable acts of punishment, discipline and violence upon the SLAVE without prior notice or warning. These acts of punishment and violence will include but not be limited to water boarding, physical beatings, slapping, orgasm denials, ice baths, jet washes, paddle boarding, simulated drowning events, large group sex parties, and other extreme forms of activity that the MASTER deems appropriate. - Alpha Masters Live On Cams

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