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My 19 year old neighbour is a hunk and I want to fuck him, but he's my neighbours kid! I have never even been with a guy in his 20s let alone a teen, but this teen is driving me wild, help Master Mikey

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

It sounds to me like you have caught yourself a little faggot love with this teen alpha. Thankfully he is 19 which is legal in all countries, I do get questions from fags that talk about younger and I have to tell them to shut the fuck up with their paedophiliac desires. In this situation you have nothing other then the relationship with your neighbours to worry about, and from the rest of your msg to me I can tell that you are in your fifties and so is your neighbour, so he will not appreciate you hitting on his 19yr old son. Those risks aside, you should set your goal to be letting the teen know what you are, subtly at first and then see if he responds. Some of your notes to me suggest that he might already be using a fag somewhere in your town, so you letting him know that you would suck him off and be his fuck toy might be the encouragement he needs to step up to you.

For this situation to flourish in any way, you must make it clear to the teen that you are a fag, and then allow the teen to take control of your faggot bitch ass. I suspect if the teen has been using other fags he will jump at the chance of having a fag that lives on his doorstep, and he will be discreet because he will not want to let his parents know that he's fucking you. This could be a utopian scenario for you if it works out and perfect for this potentially new and flourishing young 19 yr old teen alpha

Bussy Boi

Teen Alpha Possible Issues

The worst thing that can happen is that you have misjudged the situation, or viewed it through the broken viewpoint of a fag that's caught a little faggot love, and he is actually not into fags, in which case he will let his parents and all the neighbours know what you are, ruining your family and most likely having you run out of your home and the town.

So think carefully before you start down this road as it could be potentially hazardous for you boi. I know even reading that last part has you twitching, such is the broken mindset of faggots, so do what you must, and reach out when its done, let me know how it went. 

God speed faggot, may your desires fly high on flapping bussy lips.

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