Fags Turning Straight Guys

Fags Turning Straight Guys
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Fags Turning Straight Guys On

Fags Question

I am horny for a straight guy at work? I am a fag but no one knows it where I work, how do I turn him?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

I think the funniest part of your question is that you want to turn him like a vampire turns its victims to blood thirty killers, in your case turning a straight guy into a guy that uses faggots like you, allows you to suck him off. 

I can see the allure for you, which is that he is hot and young and a challenge, so put that together and its a fantasy that I have heard many times before, and especially if he already communicates with you as a pal, not knowing that you are sexually hungry for him, he is probably making you strain harder without even knowing it. I bet your fag cock twitch's all day long around him, and you probably manage to scratch out a few jerk offs during the day to compensate. 

Bussy Boi

Straight Guy Needs To Taste Fags

The issues arise in trying to explain the benefits of having a faggot around, most straight guys will simply not understand. The best way is to take him out for some drinks as pals, have a few and then calmly introduce the idea of faggots and faggotry to him, and explain how safe it is for him to enjoy a faggot like you without ever getting into heartbreak territory. Once he sees that he can have his cake and eat it, he will be inclined to try your faggot pussy out and once he goes fag bussy, there is no return for him. 

Take your time and choose a moment to speak with him, give him the discretion he needs to explore the use of faggots, depending on how receptive he is to the conversation, offer him a blowjob there and then, and see if that clears his mind. 

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