Gay Slave Training

Gay Slave Training
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Gay Slave Training Needed

Fags Question

I am a gay boi and I consider myself a faggot sometimes, but my boyfriend keeps talking about training me, what the fuck is he on? 

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

Well it sounds like you have a dominant boyfriend who is trying to live out his domme life, and just has not told you the deal boi. Let me guess, you got into a gay relationship with this guy without asking about his past, because I think if you asked him you would find out that he had been in dominant and submissive relationships. He sounds like a Master or Alpha wannabe that wants to get you trained and understanding the submissive way of life, and if you are not falling into line sooner rather than later, you will lose him. 

Ask yourself the question, how much do you like this guy, is there a future and would you be submissive for him. You called yourself a faggot, so that is a good way towards being submissive right off the bat, so are you ready to go further and be trained? Would you allow him to train you to be an obedient little faggot bitch for his needs? how selfish are you , are you willing to bend to the needs of a superior, do you understand what a superior is? there is so many questions you need to be thinking about if you want this relationship to go anywhere, or if you want to satisfy him.

Bussy Boi

Gay Slave Training Required Reading

I would suggest you begin by reading Gay Slave and Gay Slave Rules and then  move onto the Master Slave Contract as further reading to understand better what can be expected of a slave in a Master Faggot relationship. 

Read and learn and then dedicate yourself boi, and if you have more questions, come back to me.

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