Learning To Serve The Dominants

Learning To Serve
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Serving Dominants

Fags Question

I am a sub , a fag, a cunt, how do I learn to serve dominant Masters?

Master Mikey's Alpha Answer

Serving and being of service to a dominant, to a Master, a Lord a Leader is something that you must all learn through practise. Learning to serve does come more naturally for some of you that are born submissive, but for most of you it will be a learning process. 

We are all born knowing that there is an authority hierarchy, at least within our homes as we grow, our parents sitting at the top of that hierarchy, but then you go to school and learn that there are other hierarchies in life, a more natural order. Its in the early years that natural power hierarchies will develop and be best understood. Most of the fags that worship me, come to me, suck on my big cock to pleasure me, have always known they were fags, even from a very early age. Most of these fags knew where they were in the power hierarchy from their earliest school days. 

So really the question is not about training those "born" fags to serve, because they are aligned to serving anyway, the question is how to teach the fags that are not born to the life, how to serve. 

Learning To Serve In Hospitality 

Hospitality industry, literal servers, porters or jobs where you are being paid to respect and care for the customer, where the "customer is always right" those kinds of jobs are perfect for starting your learning. In these kinds of jobs, if you fags go in with the mindset of breaking your will, falling into the task of serving no matter how rude, or arrogant the customer is, you will be going in the right direction. Once your will is broken , shattered in to millions of pieces, your dignity will follow. Once your dignity and self worth are low and broken, then you are ready to serve as the lowly faggots you are. 

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Learning To Serve Tasks

The other thing you can do to prepare to serve a Master is to do all those menial tasks that previously you considered too low to do, now you must force yourself to do them. Clean the floors, clean the toilets, pick up dogshit from public parks, clean your neighbours toilets for free under the guise of preparing for a new job you are taking on. Doing this for month after month will slowly prepare you for all the horrible tasks your Master or dominant will have in store for you, and will mean that you can enjoy those tasks when they are given, rather then hate them.

Stop thinking about serving, get serving faggots.

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